Allegany County Republican

February 24, 1864

Issue date: Wednesday, February 24, 1864
Pages available: 4
Previous edition: Wednesday, January 13, 1864 - Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions
About Allegany County Republican
  • Publication name: Allegany County Republican
  • Location: Allegany, New York
  • Pages available: 4
  • Years available: 1863 - 1886
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Pages 1 - 4 of the Allegany County Republican February 24, 1864.

OCR Text

Allegany County Republican (Newspaper) - February 24, 1864, Allegany, New York ^ yiÊim iiiälPojBiTfölt« tagepf, Apgdica, jvileguiiy County, N. Y. TEßMS.—l^ihc Lìóllttr andlGfiy ceiitB to«dtance: two »dtlnis irltlilti tlie i:ear,~ot'tWtVnóllÁvé aiid fiUy,c<>nt8 Ut Mf tué yi>ar. . "No {íaper scantinucnì iintil ail at-.oàî--^ -dre-paici, unless at the option of the" i^ublialior. ' cxocntctl will! no.ttiu'ss uml disputoh. i-mB AVOllLi) TOO MtîOtl;'^ V.îL. XXVlI.-.N.O.:^öj ANGELIOA, ALLEGANE CO. N: V,, WEDXESDvy MOIiNINÜ FEBllUAUY 24^ 1864. [WHOLE NOi 1,866. Fire - iips^nraill*© -! i^m^smonrgamof five. J Tioga ijives an increased Union vote . itt every- tovfn^ ;. iiilNearly all thejcounties^ij equally ii^ell. Mall AHcgany do less? liOllNKLLSVi LLiv AGENCY. JEtna Insurance Company, , ■ UAliTFOilD, OUNNEOTICUT. Incorporated Capital 1,500,000. HARTFORD INSUR.\NCE COMPANY, Incorporated iHHi—Cafital SOUO^OOO. ' PIÏŒNIX INSURANCE ^COMPANY, ---------— ' An old liiymster saya ; reo barber Bhaves with polished blades, Rbc mcicor shajyis when ladies, trade,________: Fll! brblcer BiidvcV;at-'twoive per cent., Ijandlord shaves Jby raising rent, doctor shaves in draughts and pills, iU'rapsler slIaveslTriiints ana~^11i7 - /«wrrw/icrf larji—tvmi, $400.000. ^ — rte favmor shaves in hay and oats, _ , CITY VIRE INSiTIJAN(T: COMrANY, Hie banker shaves in hia own notes, Capital 0,000. ^^^ lawyer shaves both friends and foos, iiANHATTAN FTTiE INS. COMPANY, fhe pcdlcr shaves where'er he goe?, The wily merchant shaves hia brother, Ki^ptiople all shave one another, Kb V YOI!K Citv: 'Incorporated 1821 —C(//>/if«l ^200,000. iQORTII AMKRfOAN INHURANCH COjil'ANV. Jui tho mavi who shaves himself ihc worst, . ,narttord.ComiccticuU;.Cai)itftl SaOlKOOQ. ^-r^^fie-j^^Q-stops liispapei' fint......... i^«--«™ ie„gth or • Insuniiic« ciui bo oiTjctod with Uic Hibpcrliior jHfe ig about 28 yeafs. One-quarter die of o„c-.,nlf before *-rrip(>rty, ite., on terms as fiivorublo up oilier ro-feaching lî. Only 1 of every 1,000 per- 100 year».. , fiponsihlfl insti¡iiiier.s. " ' tîr«psë(î't<rtmn "äflTö prompt attention. March 8 lPf>3-r<U? J, C. MILLER, Agent. [ m SÏÏR5F,0S&M CEAÌ-iEAL ----—— ' The Tetroleum Trade. ïermaBOntly L calci at Friendship, hj. ^^^^^ ^^ D Smitli iJiwi^' r.lock, AiMn^lica. fl,--l h:i:.L(,'no l^iirtiif r. _ .i:Ú3ir Aii-olica Ajirll IM8C.3. 00 reach the age of 65, and not more than 00 lives to 80 years of age. Of the whole opnlation of the globe, it is estimated | |;hat '00,000 die every day, abont 3,700 ev-prjrlKmr, and GO every minute, or 1 every pecond; Their losses are more than coun-Lerbalanced by the number of births. The nartied are longer lived than the single. (The average duration of life in all civiliz- td countries, is greater now than in any _nj;eripr period, _ _ __________ Petroleum is ex-In U. C. P C.UiVKR. n.-.i.t. I'n.tal r.,..;; shipped 1,112,476 gallons, and ovsT 111' Son'1)1" S.N'. iJcnnett ¿c. Co.-in in 1863 it reached the extraordinary quan- of 28,000,000. Of this total, 19,544,-^alTona \^i-e" shipped from N. York, n addition to tliis foreign export, the IQEfedjiynM bii^iiiesiis-is slrictly a new one, j'^et t has already assumed shape and stabili-Ships for conveying it to England ria constructed oil tight, and the barrels mpticd directly into the hold, thus carry-Dg it in bulk. The eitport of last year, .rnyloyed what was equal to two hundred ndHix^ity-five ships of one thousand tons ¡ach, and was worth near $15,000,000 if C'fincd, or aboiit $12,000,000 if crude.— lie export for this year is estimated at 0,0'00^000 gallons. AMEPJ(;.VN;_IIOTI:L, 'll^lmaitrv^. V. tj. W.liOLYKN',.....PROPinETOll. f W1HIS hotel has biiou llioroii;:My renovated, re M paired and newly luraisbcd, and is now open-td a ' FIJI ST CLASS PUBLIC HOUSE. The patronage ol the jniblic ipsolieilcd. Tlie proprietor will spare uo paina in roiideiing Ihe vmkii-lOAX un agreeable and placo ol fojourn to all those who may favor ban with tbeir cuHtoin. pH8s(?ngerscouveyed to and from the car.'; tree pf charge. July 1, 1802. pdOmlSOa Chéries Hotel« ïiibscrib-T^ having puicìiapcd the al)Ovc welí^nowii I">libiid!rneiU, are detonniued that no p;iiiis on tlifir putì fIiííII bospart-d io ïend«îr it a plja.s int fltme (o tU. ivwu Trav hr - • PuMie patron lite .i.-, suliciiod S])..'ct!il jUtoiilio»-' will be jíivc!» io PIlmsim'o and W cdiling T.^rlie?. for wliici» this Ilot.'I lias l^cen so luinoii>!. l'^-ice-s will bu mado U» corrcspc.nd with liìo tiniop. & OMVIÌR. North Vide t'.ie Taik. Angelica, Nov. 18. 137:iir timo possiblej mnv j^-lancing athis watch'; on tlio draft, what is toleconie of nte?— AVifc uud ,ch 1 ld----puupors—poor-liciuae-— Tííon ti)c Vourig ; g^cn ' incolUitèlit inntterings were lost in ^ - ^ Afraid llie inaiMluils- stro after him, elt?'^ Aitd lifter lettitìgofftì rój^atòry interiMtions, tiiö lüir¿^ nifiiL JiQimwiid jL-caue Jf^ and declîiï«^^^^ the co w i» rd I y in ¡j aw ay i Von i In s co^ caíVoí >. N<> AViinder ■Ilio.....ytMug_geíilJíiinim^váa¿ •ir:'3 . gLirrrOvJ KÔT - Na-28 E^+Ji-K\Nfi!-: HI'.. IIDCH-^^TEK. N.-Y. IS \ A<; All Li:v & CO.. S'roEî'ra. rpiIIS lloiif-e hiiK j;i:-t b;:on coii.pldt.'ly impaired X' and nüwly lLiini.-h(.Ml. Gas Imt^ ul.-o liten in-tl'Oil'iced into till liie j)i iiic pul llooiiia—¡iliogellu'i-making it an complete in'all ils a¡.poIutn2enl.i ur »niy iiousi: in \V. tíU-ni NeiV Yolk. Uochester. S pt. 4, K^O;}. 00 , l^af tvsíííc. iiiîîaso, í Mba, iV. Y. This old anxl,Avcll k;i.i\v¡i Tavern .Stand li;is-1>cimi uowlv (.iiMÏH.u'vl, ,tiid i^ now ill guild (.iMidU.tin, and t'lic: f'l'v-fTiiicr tend'I-.- hii- i^c.'vics nn Iioyt. and W'll .it ill Iime=; h - io^md rcndy to admin'«-t t' lo'flii' c iia'iu'l i'.îul Iture -ot uU who ns-^y ------favoT"hii"rrwTt!i their pici ori;\îr's Hinbl' s lafi-^f und CointaudiDii?. <voU i'loi-fd. and well nltf i.d d. _ The pir')i¡c iir;< iuviled tü Civll aiid try his Uie tiiid accommodations F. J). ÌÌATì!f;UN. ........Cuba, July V,5.MUf P. M, Tisi!. Blacksmith—on the eóvnei- ol Main ftPd Olean st.. oppoiito Ilathlmns' Hotel. \\'here all kind'- of, , . , ^ loaii.y luad, the whcek JiUftkauulhu>.(^valUMMlon<MixUlut.sliüi tc.sUmüce. i ', P .----—r-i-^-rr-^—----r- a si; c^ 11II esi m cs) ^ o From the NdW York .Mercury. T LI E 1) K A F T. CY JAaPEK TUOnNBERRV. Tlio old stage cofich was rumbling along-ihruiigii llu.' twiliL lanori that lio like witio !()rertt-[)allis near the wutcis of Chanijilain. Ttie sr.TTH wore iqr,-and-jiiM, -behind ti.i^ I'aint bine lulls a watery gieen against the ljor!/>;in lieralded ti.e niotjii. It Imtl niinfil Iniid liin nig the iifternoon, and ill"' foacLs were niwi.sL ;ind brown, yUuw-H;g that hlr..;igely beaalihil contrast ol c.>lwi- Nvitli lli'j green uf ihe.Kud and tlie io-whicli uniy that dear, artistic old Mutiicr Nature cail produce. The long, j.^vci iickls ul elovfr lil!e<l the utniosplierc With tlieir Hoit, warm ar;j)tui; lieavily-'^(¡ained diinvi i's peered np in wild beattiy iiittiu aiaoiiij; the tuFls ol ^Tus-s. Now and ' liirn, M g.iiile-einlcd CDltage,: hali'-einbow-, crcd, ll.Hiicil whiii ly "luiuugli a iVanKMvoik lid aii l 'l('av<\s. Along the p1eas- I ant uMii'leved Slu; viliage 4n;ude-ns, anil in-anii, liuniniing the last hulig of sen-liiiient eangiit from the latest inetiopoii-I tan visitor. 1 And still I the old stage-coach rund>]ed ftiid inost rôa<;otitthle = terms^and Hor'go and O.x r SîiOiiinfî^.in-a-sup'.Tlormiuuïer. -- --- A-LSOi rtip.nuracturer <ifCas'riai;cs.BuE:í:ÍGs,\V',\£ronp. throwiiig up little pellets of inoi«t eartli, and-the wdlows of tho-w;>ys¡do sweepi+jg uver llie hat and face of honest Ji-hn, and now nervousl}' tOtering his position, and drumming dully against tho tinink with his Iwels, and-mutteriijg to hiniself half audibly' at .times. Evidently, the young genthiman was ill at eusq. Yon couUV tell that by the sharp 8r»apof his oyc¿¿ audb}' the ñudden aild frequent fcontractiona of his thiti, "sensitivo" irpH, and by tho I'ost-It^ss, niihap))y tnethod of a] lerjnxiiis p.ost^ t"ioti,"¥n'd' byUi?. fuoqircnt and oArnost appeals to Jehu: 'Driver, do yon make the best time jlos- siblo with your hors"S?*________^_______ Jehu would look hack grimly from his eyrie, ii.nd sln-iig his should ■r-'^i an ihouiyn the twi!¡í.^hl were growhig chilly. 'Tell ye" what!' said the larg(i gentío man in wrappers, recovering his cqniiib-riuni and-normal swing, wliieh a sudilvU j'olt iiad temporarily disarriuiged—'tell ye wliat, gents,' (and here hi^ winktul sijinili-cantly,) 'the youtig man outside don't seem any cooler t'lau a cowcjjmbfM'^^eh.?—-Nervous, oil? In a hurry, irh?' . •Cerebral aflfection!—melancholia!' ven* turedone id" the divinity students, meekly'. 'Can you see, sir, from wliere you stand, whether weai-fi Idack gloves and has a weed about his hat?' some one in iTie dark" back seat. 'lie at(; nothing worth speakint^ of, seemed excited—painfully excited and looked at his watch Irequently.' Th(isi)ark which the largo gentleman in wrapper» had stiuck now ran iiud_dilated_ like (ire upon the prairies. 'Ations' and 'itiins^ were forg-otten, and the genera! sense of the coach was, that the young gentleman whose heels were even then di'unifning excitedly on the trunk outside, should be invi'Stigated—sternly and seri* onsly^thou/ib. kindly, investigated. - Oite romendiercd-'that hc bail-mumblcd and mntfeered while swallowing his cotlee; another, the restless incoherence of his expression; another, that he scanned cuch of tlie eoinp.iny with suspicious earnestness, and a fuui th, that he had been no-ticeil giving tv) tho hostler at the inn a briglit ttMip-'Uce-for some'secret and," un-doiibtetlly, illicit infonruition, conveyed in a low and significimt whisper, and re3eiv-•"Ofl •wftiT-irnmistakabie sigT'sroi^ excitement auil vexali*?)!!. 4 'Well," said the gentleman in wrappoi-y, 'I have no appetite t"or scandal. All you gent.s tinderstand that. But, i'» these times, 1 love-my country better tlian the feelings of suspicious characters.' 'Hear, hear!' cried a thin counselor at his ri»-ht., slapping his knees by way of empliasis. 'Moreover,' he continued—^'moreover; the price of liberty is eternal vigilance,' and that—that,' said the gentleman in wrappers, Ms sufficient excuse for undertaking to investigate this yonng- gentle-man, eh? Now, has any one of us seen a pistol, or knife, or sword-cane in'hiá possession—anywhere in his vest, or his pocket, or the waistband of his pantaloons?— Speak out, giants; Pm terribly in earnest.' 'You don't take liini for aClamle DnviU, sir?' gasped a pretty-faced girl, in evident alarm. 'Worse!' replied he of the wrappers, calmly. 'Duval was a man, and this, I Tear, is only a thing. My_.p:jtriutism telliv me so. Anj I I'iglit, eh? or am 1 wrong, idi? • " " " 'Driver—diiver! do whip up your horses!' IVom the. outside. 'It won't do fur nrj to get liclaíeíl on the vorid Í have great inter{;«ts at stake, driv(M', and every moment is of the utmost importance.' 'O'laiig tliere!' reS'Miiiiled the grnli voice from the box. 'This ain't a railroad, sir. If the'osse.s> go as fast as they can, they can't do nf) more!'- 'i'tl make it for your interf'.^t,, driver^', importnni d tlienervous voictv,.....-'-Yoh sliau't- regret a little i^xtva spoed to putmymind at rest, 1 promiHe yoji Use'y'>iii'^vn^rp ^a liltle nior(} heavily, driver.' 'Any one 'uhrtiiink ye bound for Canada,' f;Tf)wl<Ml (he Jehu, fmpatiently. ■.indsn 1 a:;i.' And the speaker caught himself: 'Or I rnight begoing,:iVS,^'liu suyZ 'Tirt'iel' exclaimed the gímtlemau in wrappers, just abovehis breathing. 'There, Pm right. The coward!'_;_ &c., and répniriii?-dnnnon?hort noticp—oaedaor . little mists of rain-drOps south ofthe nh^eksmith Shop on Olean street. nvultifold tin- Angciicn, Kov 85 t-Gtf D AFCTJO-.N. W. RAIIXMIT). would ri!spict4"nlly nn noaacu to llic jr.iiil c liiut he h.i.- ialo-a ont | iV.t llttl wiiiclj naO cinnj gf.s of '{pitg, stipple arms The coach was crowded inside; there v/as nei-Iher silting nor stainiing room and two rls. each intrenched behind a IlIGil VVAOPS AND HIGH mOES/ Every one desîVcs to^lleceîvçlngh wageS foi* Ins labor, iiUbûtiglï his"^ ^aîm 'mtist come ont of another man's pcickofc The same retnark is true of high priôea. "There arc certain instances however, tvbero fur-mers may vcueive higli Wages mid high prices, without any. corresponding deduction todje-uiptle tiin oiiatlter-iii&nHiiiccottttt; Thesi? instances every gnfMrfiu înêr shouTd" well iinderijtund. Jf Ihey^ t«o «mall, they are quickly îiocomplished; if larger, th.e The wise an^ Kind Infinite ticvcr made tiny thing in vain Every i'reSted thing« ha« not only its use, b«it ils ttsctì: Wear« ing tlio beard is no cxceptioif ib the ilni-VOI Ha! law. The beard wa« ifriit mentioned thirty-three cfnturie« ago^ ib toiijit'<y tion with a Mosaic, injunction, thatJtiilH/d great design/'perfiapH, was to di«tinguÌ8h the 8exe!*i-to inspire pTfnTfTTrftHl|;Tiity;i^eÌf-rcsfiect, and the deference of woman. The ni-rvons and nnh:vppy, if, si) far forgetting his manliood, aiifl iu direct d(»Iian('o i>f governmental coniniaiid, he was ileeing like all (Mitcast, t!) the degrading protection of provincial neiitraliiy! And on, tiirough the starry twilight, and the,pleasant ^lusk of the roads, cool and fragrant, lumliered the heavy coach.— John pcemad to have hecii, in solno de-gi;ce, nielted _l)y tjie nervtius gji(;fj)f..hÌH passenger; fon he belabored the poor beasts, until tlieir en(Mgetic filunging seemed in a fair way to rend tlie rotten liarn'ess,.and se| them free to follow their own device^, liut Pnivid^'uce, and the exertions (if tlip driver, at lenf^th pihited routej and slinging the traveling-satcliel ov^er his shoulddrs, and seizing his cane, the yoting' genjtleman clambered down, audi without a ffioment's pause, he started up liie road at f full run, '»Stop himlV t mndered the large gei^e-man, hopping clumsily from the coach step tci the giffuud, an.l bhtiidishing^ htfr cane. '.Stop hin»!' yelled-the counselor.— 'Stop him I' cried the two divinity-students,, brandishing their canes. \Sto|j him!' cln»-rused the entire nnde community, catchiiig up bag and baggage, and dasliitig helter-skelter on tire' roai], ^You rnan,~"tliefe7 tlirow your satchel at him!' puitcd the p(»iidulous, large gentleman, losing wind .rapidly, and growing red in the face. 'It's full of ginge)bread!' answered the man, running very fast and coughing very hard. The village bells were just striking the hour "of twelv(!. The ~greaf, red. nibon" hung, like the l.attle lamp of an invisible ship, high-up in- the wat<?ry sky. Uut clatter, - clnttrrfclatter,-_'wcnt- the htTnter.s and the liunletl, tliroiigh the road, and up rose the ceaseless clamor through the hue and cry, 'Stop him!' W^mdows were gradually raised, and sleepy eyes looked out to learn, if Npossi-ble, the reason for this strange, ntictttrnal tumult. And presently three stout men otarted up, as if it were from the dark-IICB8, and j-üimid-niechan'Lcally-iu-the-^i>asOi 'What is it?' they asked, keeping their eyes ahead upon the fleeing form. 'Running from (he draftj the s oundrel!' gasped all in a breath, or rather, out of breath. Out from the village, down the hill, and into the open, moonlit country they clat-' tered, pursuers and pursued. «Scarcely quarter of a milo ahead, lay the imaginary line which separates Canada from our bijuudaiiea_________fluì yjning genthinian kt>eAv it; tluy all knew it; and exertions on both sides were doubled; . The fugitive was gapping for breathy nnd his steps v.-ere unsteady; but there, .before-birn, lay--th(v-land of his jironiise,-■•^tarlii. moonlit, ca.lm and co!d, op(;iiiug its anus to rcceivc'Iiitn. Yelone nfore eiün't,' though his wen; fast upon his lieel-l Ibi fairly plunged aloug, until, as his foot Ktiunbliul, ho Irli groaìiìng'to the ground. In a miiiute the three new-c,om» ers were uiioivhim—marshals, whose duty it was to keep watch^on that [Tart of the line. 'Your passport !'• tliny do?n.anded. ■ " '] have none.' And forthwith, as well as Iiis exhaustinn would permit, ho explained -to tliein the acts whwIt-had-giAi'en rise to tiie sui^picvons td" the inside passfMv-gers. He-was- the Ainericat) agenl of a Canadian gentleman, who resided Hear Philipsburg. Till"' principal had acce|,>ted a draft for a large aiiiomrt,'-di-invn by (hj.-agent, and returnod it by mail. The Tetter, liQwevin-, abstracted -from hik pocket during;_au ovoning of dissipation, and in his haste, fearfyl lest the robbers, miirht arrive at Pliilinsliurti- b<'for(; hii adv-i4ntag<}-ia -of- a- c'orrcsiwiKl4itg--grefttt»r- TicxPgTCTÍt^3G-i sn'mnlïûeiWÎ^^ Boards: íiS.O-1») lii.^-ivJdFrfHs. !h> v.-dl-eoiiMdtn- hitn-seU a^: duly nntHb-tV-t • iiltiMid. Postofiice nddrcis, An-.geliuiv, .Vlb'Kiny County, N^ Y, : Oct, 8, I8o-;î. löTOtf. Tliere W41S a rumbling, scraping souiul pnifyi^Melai^^ wns bastily scrambling over tlie Iw.Kes and bTrrrdleSj jnaking ^biiä- way to the dri-Vau'.s side. - - ' ~ "'IH'iver,'"lie sniil; iti an nndërtiïïTe;' jìisf. audible t^J the excited listouers wHliiii.— 'Driver, ytui se(.-Pm in trouble. îiere's a cig.u;, driver. Now, tell me^ and don't l vhHvso,-won' t yon be kind fne out ot it?'.. <>d hiiî-s-houl(h:TB as ho ligiit- en muilles to theciitn, stoorl near the cen- ed the cigar. tre, whereu'itii every jog of the vehicle,! '] dnu't luiow what I can do. The 'oss-he swayed to und fr»ltkc a Uìamniotl) pi;n-i (\ci i.-;,i;ld 'ossíís, and 1 can't make^em run diiluni lietween the two divinity students, I ;inv faster, I can't. You can take the axe^'uUr liciíií-e, a Vuntio.e rr. arid tho^i- who g^ugcilnead, sut on the bo- so-lou<llv; wdl lndbi.n r ady^ students oi" divinity ; |or.nugh to ludp to serve tlietn. Jiy laamnij; lulls ol p;vle wita , , • . /^i' _ f : , ' Vis nam- a« \u ¡tron-iVi-": and for v .irdinp; one er-, wUih- a lut geniJema.n, wrappet/ tn wool- , J...:^.^ ¡^hyti^-g ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLOp AT LAW^ Ani/fUot, AUegamj County, N. i'., Vyniatleiid to ali b totheircharge, Wàth prouiptaess and dtipattrli. ■ J. 8. OitEKN-.l . [w, ANCKI.. Olllce^ Corner of Maia an^ Ccnttr btrcq^, Amos U. Smiilif ÙF Ginoaloa. woiild respectiuUy anuounco to iho- tUistud-j r -l.viiv'Cà' ot d-iue.isid. soldlers, ;that he isa le;i illy iiiilhorized Agi^nt tor AHoSfii'y ond adioining Couatios to prociircj Jìanotiea of Dcce.wèd Soidicra. Also. ior Iho Uollectioa of Back Pay and" Poasioas:—Datcd, Cuaeadea, Jan. ^13,I8C3. . ----- RÈPBRENCES.r-Wc, tho uttdèfRlgned, r^ii 4,ent»of Òaneadea. would resneotfully annoiijncc to tbe iind Friends-ot BÒldicrs, tUa.t wo buYC Ucea w-qualatcd wUli Amos R. Saxij^b, Eiq, of Caoeadott, l'or % «arie» ot yÄ'andWoVund htm tobe art lionomMa j"»»pfömi»ing ¡f................ ' ' act like an emetic, and bring out some l^i^^t; sät» yött^^^ötfenahvo^ Ij'^Öp^^^ Äppät^Pr V ^ had W^TwJ^SffftFSti^ l»aslftQS3 «SLtrtt»te4 to &{m Will b« IrantacUd wHMÍolUj. . . " ^ ...âoJiaJlDV*^-" - -ÎT^ Jlw^^- . > / Ho®**» " "lóHaiéplc HcKkb, Jon« Ixoeîmw- m a tiireatening and unseemly manner.— Altogether, this ambulating prison contained twelve immortal souls and two little fat giriri-ten malesjuid foui^ females •—(if wbom five ihsist^ed on going' immediately to sleep (having jdl supped at the last vilhigy. a mile or so'back,) while the bal-Cnce were' eqiiaily-deteruiined on arguing down the large gentleman in the mulTlfirs, who was dechuming tiercely for ab.ditioh~and:"its" UuVdred^'iitibiis,'* and "itions,'! and "isms." • From these facts, it may readily be judged that, the interior ot the coach e_xhi_bited no signs of an ap-proacliiiig miiletiinin of peace, an^^qiiiet-nde; but the grumbling passengers ull swing and joUod together like adverse and indige-stible vegelablea in a Urge sto- ieins, if you want to.' -\V<dl,lcll mo one .thing,'in the same low, fi arful toui;. 'Do you know all these pnssengers inside.'. :- . . . ^K now'em? Hless your soul, how sho'd I? There's thorn two thin ministers;, and there's old Mrs, Persy and her fat children; bound to iJeunirigton's tavern-r-That's all. - The rest may be Judas Isca-riot, for all I know.' —FrtugKl how-fdrtuno runs against trtei Well, driver, and his voice sank to a shaip, uneasy whisper; 'has any of those pusaen-girn^ asked any questions aboutjne?-where I ani goiig?-^r-.who I am?' , 'I don'^ recollect any:; 8uch,'_____________________ There WJis a pause, during whicTi thcjih-siders slapped.their knees, and looked Aip iun>mnt. - Many lahijring farmer» would be glad to get winter work at one or twei dollars a day, and Hvl' or ten times ua much us the usual price for products or; inaterials. In summer, if their dollar a day laborers could be made to yield them live.dollars a day, they would-regtird it aa a splendid specKilation. We shall mention a few in-iitauces,- wher.e. ut. least .Jthid .ainomit -of gain might be obtained. Their observation anti ingenuity will point out many others. Among some of these examples, which may be acted on at the present time, w,o may mention tho following. A large number of farmers are in the prnc--t ic^i-+>f-4\>ddering their-iMtt tle-lvy-tbfowing their hay upon the ground; whenever the yards arc muddy, whii;h in many places is nearly one-half of the wholefodderitig sea-Sfin, the cattle tread a, considerable pcu*-lion of the hay tinder foot, and it ifl ehtir'b-ly wasted. Ton to twenty, per cent^ia mit an unusual loss; and t]ie farmer who feeds but iTiVy tons of hay'iira~winter, w'astes annually therefore live to ten tons of hay —worth at a moderate "Xistiutatc jfronj fifty to a Iiundred dollars. Two or three day's labor, and two or three dollar's worth of lumber ov p^ewou 1 d furniHh_go()d. "foedrn'g~l\^clc¥"aiid entirely prevent the waste. It will thus be seen that if his labor is rated at live dollars a day, juid the lumber at triple the usual price, he will make an actual saving in a single winter, to say nothing of a series of years to come. We advise l^'ei^^faijnj!^ _>YliO_hag_(in _ op.-: ])ortiinity of receiving such high prices, to seize oil ijti.aL..ouc<v -without, ony-'fear" (if' conscientious scruples of robbing any other lifair'S"" pocket:—Airo-lhTr"insliriicei^""wc^ know a farmer vvlio feedFi 50 or 00 Ifcad' of cattle from stacks in tho open fields, exposed to sweeping winds and snow storms. The additional food required to keep up their animal heat, and the loss of ilesh, which their suliering condition occasions, wc are satisfied amounts to- at least '9he-third of all that is fed to them. If thnre-forc tliey cn>nminie-nr inur(trcTlToi^ each year, thirty-three tons, equal to some three hundred dollars, is yearly thrown ti way. Good well mi de barns or sheds would doubtless pay for themselves, eevr oral times over the next dozen joars; but in the absence of these, a few days labor in providing temporary shelter would pro bably be revvarded at the rate of some ten dollars a day ortnorc. Hough built sheds with straw ronfs Would pay for thcmselveR and save enough in two or three years' to erect neat, comfortable, substantial barns or sheds. - There arc E^omc smaller opportunities for similar profits which should not be o-. verlookcd.- Aneighbor jdrives hia cattle: daily half a mile to water; tlie laliioiVAvIiiclr this requires would in a short time, enable him to sink a Inb iit _a_ spring,--_wdM?r4.v they could-])a"rta'ke a't'iiU times, without t ho. injury of over drinking once a day, and tliirsling all the rest of the lime.- A gate for want of a good latch, is left 8 winging in the wind, atid-in a few months i-b(»aten to pieces; thus for ■ want of a simple latch, tlie gate is destroyed. A chimney becomes filled with soot. Jiutthe owner could not hotn^s, kb(»r aji, The- right time to EcrajH) or burn out tinV accumulation, in cotiseqncnce of which it took fire "in"the rdglit, threw burning eiri-ders from the Chinmeytop to theshingledi roof, set fire to the dwelling, and consumed uffeju'" two tiioup.iml dotiars.—AVe advise'tlffiae^ who ha-va not attended to their': sooty chifnneyfi to spend an hour or two vdien the roof is wetj in removing the difficulty. evvation of man in those otjt-door expo-Mjrcs to wiiKÍií, and cohí, and dust, and accidents from which women arc exempt, from its being more natural for Iiev to r«-. main in-doors in attention to doinestic du-tic.s. Since we first nn;ntioned, some five years ago, the advantages of keeping the mouth shnt, as a preservative ngajlist colds, pleuri.sies, ant! pncuinoniat«, by its sending--the -air-to the Itinge thmugfirttie circuit of iho horid, tlihá farming it, a book has been %vvit!en ontheRubject The beard on the np{w;f-lip is kept Warm b^ its liyiug conuection Avith the bod3', and by the warm uir. couatantly pîiasitig »mt of the nostrils; this warmth is impart^ to the "iïïCiïïntu'g" anvlíi'ü^ pr''sent it at the bajdîeis, .'«nd j;eccivej2ay-níeñt ffiëTvfôr,^to-determified not tí^-awatt the procurement of a passpoit, but hin ri-ed oír, intending toxmi. the .gaunllct. if pi»ssible, and cross to Caiiadti by night; wlien. unloïtniiaiely, the p:itrintic zeal of Iiis íeilow-passengers had frustrated his p^ins. - . And yet, at that very moment, his pursuers stood on. tlie,Cauada-sido of,.the line, laughing tin; three marshals, who biid nor thonght to-notice That their couipanions in the late; pursuit neVcr slopped ruiniing, and congratulating them-^■elvf•s upon tiie curious conglomeraTion of accidenj^s that had enabled them to perfect a sudden and energetic plan of tlieir own. ■ - 'i'm safe, eh?' casped the large gentle-nia_n, re'adju&tiiig_hi.s mufiler, and shaking hia fat fealnrea winV mirth. . .'The marshals stopped for tme and let ten go.' And on through the moonlight» and_qjiward itiio tho siraiige, iîêw "ciìuutry, spun the ten co^ 'íy dá, and wcrò lost in Ahe dusk of distance. fit tho pendnloofs large gcntlenuui. as much as-to sayî^Wc'toiti-ytm'.go,» »«ii^-and tp-deed.itho coonselqr did whisper» winkitig; significantly all the time: Ton knowj^sir, thai thqi >»rit of A&^.coiious-is susppnd-ed in such cases;"tbôûgÏÏf if lie' be tt minor, I am npt-at aU Sure but that hi« f^tli- r^Sswiar^ iQalM tojt^ if yrô^al^ç Hrit in.^jttuU gct.thû âtart ot tlie fiellow«; If A man wbo.chcnts ii? short meafturo is a measureless rogue. If in xVhis ky, tboii he [s a rogito in, spirit. „X^ 'io give.'i A bad' title to land, then he js a rogito iji -deed. If he _gives_ short measure in wheat; then he is a i;c)gue in grain. And if lie- cheats .when he <;anf he isnn doednn Fpiritrin grainT^Tiïêîî-supplena-^scoiìnàreic- hâ&cheata 4ítaU, he is a tall cheat. . V ^ . -------il'----- . NBW. , Investiox.—A goüiuB^ "dpwjx Epsii:^ iiilôn'ds âpptyrng- roï^i-patoaVibr íTraachiao wîiiçb, ho eays, when, wouttd ttp jxu^ jikjnaÜM^ x*xeeptmerolyJu 4iame a fow-nwre-instan-: ces, where sinjdiir beueRrinajllmderivedj such as making strvui^ yard fe-nces to pre* vent the escape of cattle into mischief, or the ingress of intruders; closing atiy openings through" which cold air SAVceps intix stal>ies, kitehen.i or un^er the floors of dwellings; providing warm, drj%_. clean beds for store hogs In wint«r; sheltering iHul paifiting t(«»is, -and keeping theni in best orthir; preventing ihe-wtrste i>f-m m ii)g grajunurata; -at.-- tending constantly to tho, comfort of all animals in winter, feeding them regnlafc ly;"&e,-- • - . ~ There are rrtany ftistanccs of similar character ocCuring during tile snmmei' season. Sometimes a few days' labor in un-derdraining, will relieve a wet »ortion of gniuod-i-f its watcf, and be-worth niatiy dollars. Destroying weeds 'among root crops-when only an inclvhigh, is not the tf^nth of the labor^Teqlprc<^-wlien'tliey^ have grown a foot, tdi" say nothing of the loss in the crop, which^nn over growth ttf weeds occasions. "We .have^^known a crojg^ 'of oats dimitirsbed one-iiaTf in amoMnt, by being sown a fortnight later than another alongside. A few houvs' attention in pro- vents thosi) dahgerotim shocks of cold driving in Upon the warm lungs, ii'hifch si) often cut shoit human life in three or four days. Tho beard being warm, evaporates any dampness in tho ntmosphere, to a greater or less degrcc, and ihtta-gives a pureiiair to the 1 ungsj renderedAtjHjnort!. pure by the dust, with which tlte air is always full, being detained in the meshes of the hair. The throat and upper part of the chest are greatly exposed to -cold; their imprn- ............ ... fatal formstjf disease,such as »««"chitis, „„ outrage, una,he wnttuU Consumptioff, Dipihera. and the hkc. -The beard is an extraordinary protection a-gainst cold. The thinnest gossamer vail over the face will make the coldest winds endurable. Delicate and silken as the haii iiij-it.*« proti'eting-inilacnc-c-itiJuM'ping" tho scalp contfortably Avann, is tery im-pressively" apprecTuted by tho«e~wlio hate bceqrno bald^____________~........... Tnconsistont .Hiav- flocm first CQTertng'fa^r miiUàt»*: f^ ficcordíng totli«i>.li©lt kreëter^ «xc«U * <»vmlNir; îïôiw; j^tflféiréwi» fentmr jíítwij.' : JTia ttm.keep tliem in pa&tcr Is to titrii jtbéíl W to a modder JtnÍn^ atid ]e% 'jfm^ ont. Tha areredd}^forii«0ja»tii ' ' iia the^.wilLdo-JLo abttie.. any mord iVéns thau s Ch^liili Jew, and will Ilvo on höcktel^ityjf with an occasional. Urusli^ «fî thissela^ Tha ate SipnHxlern l doh't thiiil; tl»e biblodeh ätAitt". TUrtèttfwrTBÔiii"«^^ any other dotäe«tte tiiifi»ito« , teil tbeir «g« hy kxikfilg im» moüth, enny more thMij^mldi ,. itran -«Annori^fli TbruèVér hii «ases that n ímkfor I öovcr belisi nobo^ mule." Tha ar liláé)*^ ' rupt at bttttj Jt« good for six tnoirtfi* to "kick eumbpdy; /'^ iior ni?vor me^i^n ta nited States kw ji _ The only reaatin tfliy IMp^ _ ^ is bebaut^o are asbWedt r selves. I have seen (id(lik«| in a sirkus—thdy cb^kl tremcnjii^, I.\v9iild.noC i»^ ^ _________________pt^hL^ Enny man wbo is tlli mtile oiif^bt tn be exempi. b]r r ntnnin for ]egi8l»iltre. ;Tlm mmj-i strongest kretit^i* tm ortb,«iHlili»i ieat aecordinp tO Jbfeif. J!?ff JUl tell ov one who fell opb from M^itm^y pailroTrthekan«ivkiiil ho tonched. tb^ Irattom, bit' j-líé i^O^in jlíiB "Mf tôlfii shun« breatbin Ibròqglì iïîs iÍQT^ was out oV thè wafer inches. I didn't»eè tlii?, bújt ^ ÊM eer told mp ov^it, and I n^ftrlai nncHenver to It^, Iv^^lui koiafld ■úmthing outovit. ' sighti the beard not oidy keepa the parts generally warm in winter, but by its e-vaporattng itifloence, cools tho parts wonderfully in ihe hottest weather, to say.nothing of its breaking the force of the hot sun. . ... Another advantage of the heard is its power to break tho force of blows and ar-feSt ltrv~8trokfc'of~a icutling instfomenl against so vital and otherwise easily YtiV nerable a part as the throat, Man^ persons aggravate throat complaints by muf-flers, wearing ^scarfs or exlra covuHfig about the neck; these do keep the throat warm, but in every change of jjosition of the head or face, some part o|_.tlie ncck or throat is moved f rom ihe-covcringj-thc covering does not adapt itself to or f(»llow the movement, henda tho fcold aimjishftSt in upon that unprotected part and chilTs it* but the beard follows every motion of the head or face faithfully, and thus is the most perfect mufiler tliat can possibly be devised. Nature's provisions can not be jnterfered with with irnptniity. The Dri-Trnfafs, who shaw the hea<P-irtid wear-thi^ beard, sullcr more fronj ophthalmia, an , i, »ri v - eye-diHeaKe,-but-haVo-fine-tee^h^-Europc^ W«oUar, 1 he boy, ans, who shave the botirtl and hair, HulfJr but little fiom ophthalmiii, but have very defectite teeth if this last resijlt may arise from the beard nyidifyjng-the coldness of the air ivhich pa-^ises into the inoutb, thus kec|)ing tho' tipmpcratnre of the teeth more equal. The early Christian fathers denounced shaving As a violatioii jcif-the law of Cod. The Injat^^^jf Jolm Mayo of Germaiiy, toiuclied tho f»round when_he _8tood hpngh^^ Stcel-grjnitctar^ st(jnc-cutters/ thgineers, firemen^ nnd all oihiM'«j.-i<'hq w^tivk-in dtifitv-heat fu^stcislfhi sfiould ospecia|l3'wear the beard, Baily sliaVin'g is ■nI^ílffoíera^^ aitisS less waste of time,—ball's Journal of ITmHh. ----Tub First PniKTED BcoK.^It is a most interestinp;- fact; tliat the very-íirstTtKo--to ^^hiclrttfcTdii^ m coverylof-printing was applied, w^i tbe production of the_BiWe. This was ac- » w-rompli^hed atMentz,hf't\veentbeycar.< , A JuOiaM ijoia^ ofMoUnnd 1455. Onile.nlniri.wliftlliisli^^S«»'««^»«^ inyentcr of fhorirt, a {^Jj^ iiig the itcce^sary iniids.' This Bible was ill two folio*%'olumeK, which have been justly praised for its strengtlLanji beauty of pimer, llie exiictnefii» otrc^is-ter, ami thonustc-r of ink. Tlie wotl: contained twelve hundred,pages, and being the first ever printcg of ct)urse involved^ a Icyiig pcricd of'time-and-ijiiv immense amoiiht of mental, manual arid mechtinical labor;and;y'et for along period after it hi,id.been furnislied and offered for gale, not a single human being, savo the artists tbotftselvesj-k^i^' it had been flCcomplii«hed..^j^ Woman'S TEARs.^Wbat women^oy. do it they could not cry ijobody jknoW Thëy are treated badly fenotgb it lik«d, bowlboy wolWJbe '•poú^rr What poor defenseless crtetqrwi tt^* Iftughabl» took place, ihw mwtlyrWijilIWi speaks well for< our . ABMnepal„ti90 across the w^ter. Tbf^^wiit^iiMiir W^ bare batf « wbicb' i^ tiaaklng-American boy if had lieea lif*'^^' and wbenTWiimiAg faiOfQML Slidell on his wairto paes;tlief£ arranged for displariiig' tbe and giving tbreo cheers for tlMi 1mm jiistoB fhe old site to them, and proUbl/ $ little further, for. tbAoldLniaiL^ umbrella ¿nd e^zedon^ Of Uie o e b^yljliiii fliM self, leaving tbû m liande, which he.roliact^fml , ____ away with^ to Le ooly^ffe» up ly m ample Apology;. : ^ son of the year a cough, tbiiSS^l^jm^tóihii: should be kñowi»: Hät tüt^: ' of fíax^yj iá» ^nart an tioür, »tram," aSdn 4ììo jüiceof pound öTrocir candy.' accompanied % 'weläaieii^i^Uim^ appetito, add half aiV/ôii^ €d_gum arabit^Aet âmio^ an hour, atirrìag it ÓPÍ ft-wine^lass it^iwibM lesàmé. - »Other, and^ aiint bctfi sistfefs. The igf^m yotingèr bröltb^iX ^ coméñ lila ni(>tbër, .MÎd.'Iti Wbat oQs ià their: TliììQÌKai finito*. bouse isa «ïf it be aayt Pàrfi^énV-'WlifcMHii oftbié^tn^ theyinfffltt m at po__________ , - , , , J . X,.' ■ baabi^nvery Wiii*,^ cunog the best seed corn, has so^ctìm?^ ^^^ ^ ^ rhínoccfoí? ÜW resulted in a fiundied^bushels mcrcOTe m a^ten acro"ikdd:"- A;Stniiiar care m front ihb best swine has saved a like amount in Reding, and donblo its value in tiie quantity of porfc. The best plow th-dt runs & fonvth ar -ewim»» one, will save twen^'-fivc days of teatn labor in a hohdrcd. -llherfeiarfr'.many other Vili discover in the eot;rse oC-« ifiiagfíft^ Jíf ho is attentive to all the sources of iafbt-mation whielvpraotiCe^uad- readily potnfe out to hiiti.—Cuifiùafinf. . __ is nothing iti the world AiTíied tlk^ A-#iiíí man. And sbe knows It.^tAcfroW. - Josb cat;.aesift it^tb Skqtcfc«iij< i will «hôç-hint intoL sausager woVl^ his - Tak-âiûre of yi>«raeyj-M4M^w«reL.Qf attd théh binili It'llWt^ in m Tïiïïcïi gríiMíy Ibi aVmrnStM iÄsSi imt h^WKÊfâ màkÊm. ;