Allegany County Republican

September 30, 1863

Issue date: Wednesday, September 30, 1863
Pages available: 4
Previous edition: Wednesday, June 17, 1863 - Used by the World's Finest Libraries and Institutions
About Allegany County Republican
  • Publication name: Allegany County Republican
  • Location: Allegany, New York
  • Pages available: 4
  • Years available: 1863 - 1886
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Pages 1 - 4 of the Allegany County Republican September 30, 1863.

OCR Text

Allegany County Republican (Newspaper) - September 30, 1863, Allegany, New York ^ f -Í Ì C. HORTON, EPITOR AND PROPRIETOR.] "jrHE WORLD IS aOVERNED TOO MUCH. " [TERMS, II 5Ü IN ADVANOE-OTHERWISÏÎil^ 00. L -VOL. XXVIL—NO. 15J ANGELICA, ALLEGANY CO. Ñ. Y», WEDNËSDÀY MÔUNINb SEPTEMBER 30, IS63:Fire Insurance ! !HORNELLSVILLE AGENCY. li i J , J ti t Uí "1 i.--} -"i ■■í m ■iJËtna Insurance Company, HABTPOftD, CONNECTICUT. Incorporated 1819^ Capital él .ÖOÖ^OOO. HA INSURANCE COMPANY, JÖABtrOÄD, CONNKCWCOT,^^^^^ PHOENIX INSUÏlàîÎce COMPANY» Hartford, Connecticut. -—■^Ihc&jjKn^CITY FIRE iNSUliANCE COMPANY, V Capital $6ii0,000. MANHATTAN FIRE INS. COMPANY, hmv YoftKClTT. incorporated 18-21— Capital $200,000. 1.AWS OP NEW VORK-^By Authority. , [Every law, unless a diffeicnl time shall be prcscribcd therein, nhall commcnce and take efToct througbout the State on and not bef'ora the twentieth day after the day of itsflnal passage, as certified by the Secretary of State. Sec. 12, title 4, chap. 7, part I, Revieed Staiuie.s.] . Chawer 358/ . ' AN ACT establishing a Quarantine, and powers x)T tli« l^ for thp har- boc and port ot^Ne w^^ Y^ Passed April 29, 1864} three-fifths be- liujjrpreRentir «ORTH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY. Hartford, Connecticut—Capital ..... ÍÍÉW: ENGLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. ílál-l^rord. Connecticut—Capital S200 OOÓ lááurance call be effrcfed wltli flie Bul)scril»er la the above did ealáblishéd Stocli Companies, on ^)weUl^gB, Stores, ChUfClies, Factories, Personal rroperty, &c., 0& terps as favorable as other re-•ponsible ínstitutions. Any communications aQ-dressM to him at HovneUsville will meet ivltb prompt attentioiu_ Marchs 1863~pdly I. C. MILLER, Agent. pte J'eople of the StaU of Xno York-, rtprt tsnttd in Senate anii Atsmlli/, do enact as/Mows : SECrrioN 1. Uiiarantine for the protection of the public health, according to the provisions of this act, ia' hereby authorized, roqiiired and eatablinhed in an for the port of New York for all vessels, their crews, passengers, eqiiipage, cargoes and other property on board of the same, arriving-tlier<>at4V<>nKit4ierpm^s;------------- - § 2. The quarantine establishmj^nt shall consist of : First, warohouscs, wet-docks snid whafvos^ sels; third, floating hospital} fourth, boiinJing stntion; fifth, burying groUnd; sixth, residence for ofBcers and men, § 3. The warehotises, wot-docks andANIiKJ.. & GREEN, attorneys & counsellors at law, Angelica, AUfgany County, A. 1'.. AVilhxttend-toTilliniBinRFrihtniPtcdlo their charge, with promptoess and dispatch. 8. onEEN.3 [W. ANQEU Offlc6---Front room over Tiiomas' StoreácM'.CHAMCAL ISJ r^ S^^iz Permanently Loca*tèTàtÌPriendship, N^ Y. Dr. C= P. CARVER. r)e::ufit. Dental roomp over the Store of S. N. Hennett & Co.^in Smith Duvìh' Block, Angeijca. N B.—1 have no Partner. 1343tf - Angelica April 22 18C3, AMERICAN HOTEL, Belmont, Y. L. W. BOLYEN, ----- PROPRIETOR. ri^HlS hotel bas been tborouphly renovated, ro J paired aud-oewly -fHruishedi and is now open eti I»«' a FIRST CLASS PUBLIC HOUSE. The patronage of the public ispolicited. The pro- rcAN an agrt'cal'le and plc-.^ui I. pUve»' ol ¡-ojouru to Ali thosf who may favor him w iih ih-ij- cui^lom Passi'iij^tirH cou^ eyed to ami Ironi tbt; eaiT Irec of chiti-ge July 1, l'<62. pdi;m!3i»;i §LifriOi'J MOIEL, NO. 28 IÍXÍJÍJANÍÍL; .ST., Ri iCHI-;>Tbíí. N. Y i.s \ A (J AM I.KV I t>.s I'loit^rs, - tS br^nnrtTtTtjTiT^tHv rrpinrrd _L aud newly luriiixhf.J, (j;is lias alj^o m trodacod into al! thi' principal Uootus—nltO!i<?'thor miilcing it as coaipl^-te in all itn apiioiiituicultí as any Ilouse jo W. stern New >"oik. i'rices reduced to $1 per day—meals 2r» ecnts. Rochester, Sept. 4. 8(iO. 09 ____CllOTleS IÍ0tele »^■"IHB subscriber havih the charge of ■i- the above Hotel, iiifofms the public in gvner-al and his oil customers in particular, t'lat bit will ' Ddeavor to make them as comfortable, and as ' much at Hamo as io olden times, aud pr «mises tlUiC their wants and comfort will be cared for with miuch solicitude. Special attention will be jriven to pleaSur« and weddiirg parties, for which this Hotel has been so famous. Prices will be made to'oorresp'ond with these bárd times, ' ANDREW CHARLES In front of the Parii, April 3i', 8(5. 43tf pnrtenances for unlading and storing cargoes, and such facilities as will enable nieiclmnts to overhaul and refit vessels while in quarantine, constructed at such expense ami at such place in the lower bay of New York, not on Staten Island, Lung Island , or Conoy Island, as the quarantine commissiuuers may determine, with the approval of the commissioners oF thf land office. -'y §4, The warehouses shall be of such capapity-oidj^as \v4ll suc«Fc-4iie bestiv-cni "tilation consiatpnt with security for merchandize, but in the aggregate they shall be of ä capacity cqiiaT lo the'storage of fifty niediuiij-sized cargoes'} and they shall have connected with thcui apartments with suitable appliances for special disinfection by forced ventilation, refrigeration high steam, dry heat and chemical disinfection. §"5. The wharres straU be cohsTruc^^^^ with due regard to safety and protection fur vessels, and suffieiently extensive to "ti4^mit of the safe moi^rage of at least four vesiHils of the largest size at the same time. T4jiere shall be two wet-docks, cacli ouii capabh; admitting a ship of the largest size. ^ , § 6. The anchorageTor vessels > under quarantine shall be in ttiejower bay, not less than two mifctv, from the nearest shoi^, and within air aröa. to be designated by buoys by the quaraT^tine coinniissioners and health officer. ^ 7. The floating hospital shall be con-struoted Willi special reft rence to the pur-pi'se (tf a hospital, and with a capacity sufficient to accommodate one hundred patients. Fro(n tile first day of May to the first day of N^nN'mber tlie floating hospital shall be aiielion-d in the lower bay,not. less, ilian two miles distant froui the nearest portiim of the quarantine anchorage and Irotii the neai-est shore. From the fii>^ <bty-TTf ^'TTrenrher tfthtlTe Aluy tiifijoating liospital may be moored voyage some case of quarantinable disease, in which case they shall bo ènbjëct to such quarantine and regulations as the health officer and the quarantine commissioners may prescribe. Third, all vessels embraced in the foregoing provisions' navigated by steam, shall be subject to such quarautiii^ and regulations as the. health officer shall epjolu, unless they shall have had on board during thû voyage some case ofqjiarantinable^disea tliéyTihalÎ^bc-k'abjfeTïPt^^^^^^ M th|.bealth.officer, and quariintine^^ missioners shall prescribe of effective vaccination, arid known to have been recently exposed to small pox, shall be vaccinatej] as soon^ as .practica-i ble, and detained until the vaccinia shall have taken effiict. No other well persons shall be detained in quarantine any longer than necessary to secure cleanliness. Such vaccinatitm and disposal of persons vaccinated shall be made under regula-tions- to he-frxed iiy^ tlre qnaraTitiire missioners and health officer. Persona having smaU poït shall be disposed of in the same rhanher as is done under existing laws. § 11. The only diaoa j's agaiuSt which quarantine shall apply are yellpw fever, cholera, tyhus or ship feverjiiVd stn;^^^ an d^ n y ne w "diaïïaFë lioï Tî no w n"of a con ercise ofthjs right, the health ulficer must satisfy himself that the sick of such vessel wi:ll bo taken care of for the remaihdcr of the voyage, and take care of such sick as prefer to remain -§ 20. Oq arrival of infected vessels, all well persons shall have their freedom as soon as possible, consistently with the foregoing regiilations} sick persons shall bo immediately transferred to the floatinji hoapitat^ ÍQi- their Tecep^^^ tlie vessel iinla- den, purifiGd, and admitted to partiquc as soon as possible. All merchandise shall Jiívplaccd-tn-ilie-^wárehou^^ - there freely exposed to the air, and moved from time to time to insure its perfect ventila-.tion. In no^case sliallvpeysons sick with different diseases be put in the same hospital; ' : § 21, Merchandise coming from difiereht vesstils and places, and at different times in quarantine, shall be kept separate, and placed as much as pracUcable in different wíiTChtíuaes: '............... to his directifm, all theidutica requircd of the health officer. ^ § 27, It shall be the duty of the health officer and his assistants or deputies: 1. To take and subscribe the oath ofcf-fiee prescribed in article twelve of the constitution of the State of New York; a. To board and cxamiho all vOsaele subject to quarantine, aa soon after arrival as practicable, between the hours of a. To exercise dispatch in the disposal of persona arriving in inrected vesselst to have the bodies of persons who have dje^ Dfiflatigiiant disica^se's on lJo^d~pr~infected vessels arriving, and such as shall have died in tlie floating hospit^^ interred in theqimTantihc biu'yihg goine's Point; and to proceed without delay in the pnfic dise, bag^gage, dnnnage atid other articles in quarantine} and whenever he shall judge the same free from infection, to per^f mi t the _ removiaLtlimeot.. N^ tagious, infectious or pestilential nature, at the discretion of the quarantine commissioners and health officer. f 12. For the purpose of sanitary measures, nierchandise shall be arranged in three classes : 1. Merchandise to be submitted to an obligatory quarantine and to purification. 2. Merchandise subject to an optional quarantine. And 3. Merchandise exempt from quamn-43nt»;---...............^ TJie first class comprises clothing, personal baggag;e and dunnage,, mgA,.....papeiv rags, Tn'des, skins, leathers, hair and all other iemains of animals, cotton, hemp and woolens. The second class comprehends sugar, silks, linen and cattle. The third class comprehends all merchandise not enumiirated in the other two classes I 13. With existing' quaranti nab.le-dia--ease (m board, or if there have been any such disease on board within the ten days last preceding, merchandisvi of the first class shall be landed at the quarantine warehouse. Merchandise of the second class shall be admilted to partique immediately, or tran.sferred^to the warehouses, according to circumstances, at the option of the health officer with regard to the sanitary conditions of the port. Merchandise of the third class shall be. declared free, and admitted without Uuhccesiiary delay. § 14. In all cases where there has beer § 22. Merchandise shall be submitted to siicii tiieasui^es of pAvrrfi^^^^ officer shall judge necessary; no putrefied animal substances, orsubstances likely to putnify, sha'l be admitted into the warehouses such siibstancea shall iKL^ r^^^^^ dereH innoxTous or destroyed._____ ____________ § 23. The chithcR and dunnage contaminated with, infection of different diseases, shall be purified in different places. §24. The floating hospital shall, from the first day of April to the first day oC N<jvetrjber, be appropviated eScl ustvely to the care of persons sick with yellow fever; from the first day of November to the first day of April, the floating hospital may be used for care of typhus or ship fever and until permanent provision shall be other- wise niade b^ .....small____pax,--pationta shall bo sent to and supported as at present at Blackwell's Islaiid, and typhus or ship^feve^ f^at4ent^ shall bn sent ~to ami supported as at present at Ward's Island, and cholera patients shall be provided for by the commissionei's of quarantine in such manner as they may deterriiine and occasion shall demand. § 25. A hoalth officer for the port of NiiwiYork ::shg;i LMm vernor and appointed^ by him with the consent of the Beuate, arid shall hold his office for the term of two years and until a successor in such office shall be duly qualified; provided, however, that no one shall be appointed a hoalth officer except a doctor of medicine of good standing, and of at least ten years' experience in the practice of his profession, and who shall also be practically familiar with the diseases subject, by this act, to quarau: fihc% nothirfg in ihts stc iiuthorize the governor to appoint a health officer during the recess of the senatej ex- [WHOLE m cargo, however, tliat has been in quarantine, shall be permitted to proceed to N^, York <)r;Bt-ookiyn, witlrofft the ap^^^^ the mayor or board of health of those cities respectively.— 7 ~ -------^^ 4, To secure the effects of deceased persons iu-qUarahti no from waste and^m bez-zleraent,-and-when4he-rightM-elaimant^ of such effects do not appear within the period of three months, to deliver tho^same to the public administrator of thVcity of New York, unless the said property be of such a description as^ought inot to be .removed, or may be destréyed under thé provisions this'act. 5. To keep the boards of health of New York and BrOokU-li, at all times, informed of the number of vessels in quarantine, of the numbçr of persons sick in the floating hospital^and'oTtho diseases with wbicb they ^tre afflicted. 0. To receive an^ Vf^sel or m^^ dWî^ërit to hTrn by the health anthorities of New York or . Brooklyn, dangerous to to visitation by the shall reftise or negîcdt either ^ First. To proc&ed witii ;an<l ^tàékiM biii vessel at the place assigned «t t^ titne<^ his .arrival; oiV Second. To submit hia tcsacf,' càr^« crow and passengers to the examiofttioil of the hoaltn officer, and to farniill allwik cessary information to enable that olSo«r to determine to what lAeasurea the;^ oagh^ riBspectivoîy-to be Bubjcctf or^" — Third. To remain with hia vessel »t quardntihe'during the period asAij^iied bf the health officer, and while at quarantio» ~to ct)mply w^i tliëlfirections and OB^la-tions prescribed by law, and with ^cIim any of the officers of health by virtae qf tÏÏë atïthdrîty givëir la*, ^ prescribe in relation to his vessel;'hi^ cif-go, hinjseif, his çrew or passengers, iÎiril be guilty of a roÎBdemeanor, ished by a fine, not exceeding two tnô»-sandfdollars, or by imprisonment i|ot et* CEçdiXg twelvajnonth3,£:i)i botb^ «ïftiir-flue and impfîsonrnçnt, § 33. Every njaster at a vessel^ haîl«(f by a ^ot who^BÎian either: ' ' . First Gii^ false information to snolr pilot; relâifve tq thé condition of hiè ve»' sel, cr^w or passengers, or the health of the place or places from wlience he canicj. rei'iisc^to-gtve-such infommtionag ghali or the public health, 1. To receive into the floating hospital any case of yellow fever, that shall have been contracted in quarantine, establishment or elsewhere. bo lawfully reqijired: Second. On land any person frotn hit vessel; or permit any person, except a pilot, to come on board of his vessel^ or tm-« lade ottranahip-^ny portion of liia'^rgo before bis vessel shall have been visited and examined by the health offiçGï; Third. Qr shall approach with Waves* sel nearer to the city of NeW-York ot" Brooklyn than the place of bo«rdinie<rtr an-chbrage to which heLmjiyJbp direct^ ëlâdt-bo guilty of the^likeoBe ject to the like piinîshment; ond any peb-son„.wliQ shall -land- from - any. --vessei, o# unjude or tratiship any portion of her cw> go uiïdçr like oircumataBces, shall be ^il» ty of a lik&^pffence, and bo subjeoi'to tfar like punishmellrti^ v. § 34. It shall bertke duty of each brancfr and deputy pilot beîoii^»^ to thé port, t«. use his utmost endeavors tq hail every qtramntinable disease on board dm ing the cept in case of a vacancy by de^th.. .or ■ii'id^^^ —-.......................... jected to the usual purifications, but with such precauti7)ii& as not to affect their legibility; articles "of HiWiTchandise or other tilings not subject to pitrifying measures in an envelope .officially s'ea^ shall be iinniediately admitted to pai tiqìte,^ whatever may be the couditinn of the vfefti^l; and if"the envelope is of a substance coìì^ ^den^ WljpTifmal, its~adinTissToiTsTalT bo merehattdise in quWahtihe desighated by a yellow flag; and to prohibit communication with or passage within range of such vessels and places, except under such restrict ions as he may designate-BS being compatible with safety. § 28. Whenever tlie health officer, in the performance of his duties, and in the execution of the powers imposed and conferred upon him by law/or by any regulation or oriiinance. mado-of---a»y-statiiie of this state shall order or dircct the master, owner or consignee of any vessel subject to quarantine,' to do any signauon. § 26. It shiill be the duty (^f the health officer to reside at such convenient place for.the boarding of ve.ssiilg, as tho commissioners of quarantine may determine and to have the general superintendence and control of tlie quarantine establishment, and the care and treatment of the atiW to interrogate the n/Sster of aticfe vc»-sel iUj-reference to all matters' neceasif/ to enable such pHot to dctormin& whôthpr according, to the provisions of the pfëee-ding sections, such vesa^f is - subject - fa - quarantine, ______ I 35, If from the answer obtained frcto such inquiried, if shalÎ .appear^that sUién vessel is subject to qnarantine according! to the pTeceding~provi8Îon87 the pilot sbllf immediately-givo-notiee-to^ the master îûf ' thé vessel that such is the case, ^»nd that said vessel he must procced and ànchòr at the quarantine anchorage, there to wait .ac.t. .Q.r Jhing>..Qr:.coinply-\!^^ the furtlietMÍi¿ectían.'»-of tíni- heaìtk offioer. tion relative to said vessel or to any person or thing on board thereof, arid said master, ovrner or consignee shall neglect or refuse t^ comply with Stich order or direction, the said healthofficer shall haVo power to employ such persons and assistance as may be necessary to carry out and enforce such order and direction, and Lafiyetie House^, Cuba, N. Y. This old and well kuown Tavern Stand has been newly furnished, and is now in good-copdltion, and the subscriber tendf-rs his services as boft, and will at all time$ be found ready 10 administer to the. comfort an^ all who.may fovor him with their paiionnge S'aides large wnd commodious, well >jtdred, and wellattt'ndi d. The_.pabUc .areJavJledJto xiUl-juwl OryJjia- tare -and accommodations. Cuba. July 'J2.1^63. F. D. RATH BUN. I356tf Medical ÍVóticé¡' Dr. E. M Alba ha?» retunn-îd home and ready at ▼iees. at the qnarantine wharves or other secure place, snliject to the direction of tlio com-nii.s.sioners-of quarantine. § 8. The boarding station for infected vessels shall consist of tlie vessel at present.used as a floating hospital, or such other vessel as may hereafter be provided to be anchored in such proximity to the „floating hospital and the cl annel as will afford fire greatest dispatch in boarding and directing vessels as soon as practicable after arrival;,and shall be provided, with all necessary appurtenances for per sonaL cleatiliness and the purification of pevstuial "baggage. • §, 9. Vessels arriving at the port of New York shall be subject to quarantine, as follows : First, ali vessels from any place -wherivdis<ias»~subjeet-toqtiaraittvne existed at the time of their dt-'P^rlure, or which shall have arrived at any such place a»¡d proceeded ^Irence to New York^ or on board of v\;hic.h, during the voyage, reil, arriving between the first day of April ancl the first diiy ot'J^^ remain at quarantine for at least thirty days after their arrival, and at least twen- equally optional. § 15 If ai vessel, though not having had, during the voyage, any case of quarantinable disease, yet be fomul in a condition which the health officer shall deem ^ daiigeruus^t4> thO;p«M5G "as" nTrtlTSTtdTTiTin^ will be 11 hoars to< tender hi» professional ser- Febmary let, 1859. J. II. Eggleston Watch maker and Jeweler, and dealer in kinds of Clocks, Watches, and Jewelry. Repairing done 00 short notice and rea-sinicinle'term^. » Augelica, Nov3 oaS. 85Gtf ' P. iw. Fish, Blacksmith—on Uie corner of Main and Olei^ st.^ ppjipsite Rathbuns' Ilotol. Where, all kirtdf of BLicksmithing wiiHje4one on th«' shortest notico, and" most reasonable terms—and Horse and Ox Shoeing in a superior manner. ALSO, mauufacturer of Garriages,Buggies,Wftgons. and repairing dnne on short notice—one diior Boutt of the Blacksmith Shop on Olean street, Angelica, Nov 852. 86tf STOVESl STOVER! EVER BROUGHT INTO ANGELICA, AND AT LOWER PRICES. ^fiHiiwaot a ($ood Stove, now is the time to ^t wfT^Cill and «XKQiae. ~ Aog«lle», October A. LOCKHART ty days after their cargo shall have been discharged, and shall perform such and further quarantine as the quarantine commissioners tViay prescribe, unless the health (>fficer^ w ith the approval ijf the quarantine Commissioners, shall sooner gr^ut ' a permit for such ^'ssel or cargci, or both, to proceed. Second, from any place (including islands) in Asia, Africa, or the Med-itwri\nean, or from any of the Wetit In^ dies, Bahama, Bern)uda or Western Islands, or from any place in—A^miríea i«-tlie ordinary pri.sMge"^rronr wliick they pass south of Cape Henlopen, and all vessels on board cf which,-duririg the voyage or at the port of their departure, any person shall have been sick, arriving between the first day of April and thè first daj' of November, and all vessels from a foreign port, not embraced in the first subdivision ^ th)ir oriivul on the quarantine ground, be subject to visitation by^the health officer, but shall net be detained béyòhtl^^ the time requisite for dñé^xaípinaíioh and obse they shall have had on board dpring» tte and cargo shall be detained until tho shallvhave been considered^ the decision of the health officer, however, in all .¿i'ueh_ cases, shall be rendered within twenty-four hours. . Vessels in an unhealthy state, whether there has been sickness on board or not, shall not be allowed partique until they shall have been broken out^ duly cleansed and ventilated. § 16. If in the judgment of the honlth officer a vessel require it, he may order the following sanitary raeasuies : Baths and, other b.dily care for the pcMsons},^^ vvaisiriiig or other disirifeoting clothing; displacement of merchandise on board or <y>mph?te . briiaking ou t; su bject-ion'to high steam, incineration or submersion at a distance below the surfliGe of the ion of tainted oi^sp()iled food tn bt^viirages; tl»c comple^t+h^jeeJtiiin cleansing of the hold and the disinfection iif tbelweli^. Ju.sliart,4l«i com fication of the vessel in all its parts by ^^k, and to carry out all Uie prc^j^ons the peiisop3^0,0inployed-ahalUravc-i^^ his ch?irgGr-Ari4-to- pfevent-anythiaif^ orihjs act; and be sballliave power; ^ ' ' ' ' ' * * " " ' ' '' 1. To^dminister oaths and take affida vits in all ^xi^minationa prefvcribed by this act, and in reliit-ion to any alleged violation of quarantine %w or regulation ; miclf oaths to have tj^e like Vftljdi^^ and effect of d4:odii. 2. At all times to call ttpon- any-of^^h? policii force of the Metropolitan police district, to n numl.'or not exceeding ten, to aid bini upon any necessary emergency in enforcing the pow(»rs and duties conferred upon him i)y thi.s act, and it shalf thereupon become the duty of ajiy such ineniber <»i the-police forco so .called upi)n to obey him; but .such service shall not continue longer than tweiity-fonr hours. 3. To direct in writing any constable It shall be the duty of every pilot whor shall c6nduct into port a vessel atibject Ur quarantine: First, ^o bring such vessel to' anchor within buoya marking the quarantine-anchorage. , i „ Second. To prevent any vessel, ot boat from coming along eidc of the vessei tra» on such vessel, her tackle, apparel and furniture for their services and expenses. § 2^7 The health officer in the lithprage, stévédorügc and storage or vessels and^ merqhandiRe in quarantine, may permit the cjiptaina^mdr^mfi^s. and men on their own account; all persons so eínjilnycd, however, shall be sulyect tO the same restrii^icfne for the protection of the ptibíic health, as, those who may be li-cfM-i>ijd for4hé same services by the health officer aYfd^ommissioners: I 30. Tlie^ ejyionses attendatit on the" duties of the healtk4)fficer in rqlatiipn to vessels, merchandise, iia^gage, dutinage, ]iprso!is itndliu rials shall be paid by the masters ííf:.the vessels for which the service shall haWlwien rendered, or in which tlie_meuchan^tv M^utlmcituiirsiM^^ud-- apprííliond^ baggitgi^ xltíríMge al^^ shall hare any person Avho «halJ viobtcL aiiy quaran- arrived;- the-' storage of all the-^érchaiií tine law or regulation, or who Bhali-ijb-_ dise in the quarantine warehouses phall struct the healtF officer in the perfijrm be paid foiv on delivorv.- by tho^ owners; on board from being thrown into any Oth* cr vessel or bout^ TWrd. To present tho master jof the vetr ¥Gtir.prinied^py of this- title, when sa^ a copy shall haye been delivered to hiin Fourth. To take care that no violatfoili of this title bo .committed by any - ance t)f his duty^ .arid deliver hrro ovar .bi the said officer to bo detained at quaran- ne-uritil discharged liiylBlMiroffice^ such confin<?ntent shall in no case exceed ttittrdays^ and it sfaall be the duty of the constable or other citizen so directed to -obey~such diroGtions|^id every -person violating the quarantine laws or regulations, or obstructing the bealth officer, shall be considered guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than one liundred nor .m.Qre than five hundred dollai-s, or by imprisonment not less three months or m,o,re tiian six months. 4. To select and appoint and to dismiss at pleasure, as many nurses^ boatmen and tho use of steam, fumigation, forCe pumps rubbing or scraping, and finally sending to quarantine apchorage, until disinfection be perfected. Whenever these diviirs operations are necessarj', they shall always be executed before admission to partique. I n. Admission to partique shall be preceded by as many visits to the vessett ^ hospital rttid thcv uae of the wet-doc% fof^i^^^ ling atid repairing vessels shall be paid as the health officer may judge necessary. N«-vessel shall bo put-in ^ tine without a stated decision (if the health officer, and the ca|)tain, or ina^ter of the vessel .shall be informed thereof iihijiedi-ately after his decision. § 19 A Vessel shail have the right, before breaking bulk, of putting to sea, in preference to being quarantined; in . the exercise of this right, if the vessel have .n'^'t 'arrived at h'T port of dostinfttion^ the bill of health shall be returned} the health officer, however, shall mention npon said bill, the length and circumRanees pf^he detention, and tbtì c-ònditìon of the vessel .niyînÂpntti^ and boarding station, as may be found neeessaiy-fortlnrtraro Tnrd^ proper treat" ment of the inmates thereof; and also, and in <;onjunction with the quarantine cotn--roissiiUicr8,^t<) license -lightermen, steve^ dores, labiuers and other employees, as may be found necessary for the care and purification of vessels, merchandise, baggage, duimage, &c., in quarantine; but the compensation of all persona so emplf^ved shall be i»xed and ^ determined by the ccTmmis'sioners of quarantir^, 5. To select, appoint' and dismiss at pleas lire, two assistant or deputy jigaltb officers, for wbop conduct he slialt be re-gifiasjbjje.^ftpd wto for by the .^Hgdains^ sing them. Tbe charges for each and all of these several services^ shail-be fixed up-on and determined by the cpramissioners of ■■ qiiar^ii ti -------------------------—......—-—-- ■ § 31. It sh all be the d uty of the Jjeal th officcr to render an account, payable to tho commissioners of quararitine, to all masters or owners according to the■provi- within forty-eipflit hours after the termi-nati(m of any such vessel or merchandise omits'to pay the said expenses within thre^e days after account of the same, shall bave been rendered, the commissioners of qnarantine shajLJiave an actroff against any su'clf vessel, her owners and consignees, or o.vnersnf mercandise, and each and every one of fixpenses,^ ^d^réport Midi^as sliiill be committed as soon as tnay be, to tho health officer, § 30. Any person who shall violate,any provision of this act, or neglect ori'efaêo cmnply with the directiona 'and régula-tions which any of the officer« of bealtb : may prcWrilH', shall be guiltjTof a misder -meun«r,^«nd^)c-pnnishcd by- a trae not ejt^-ceeding' two thousand dollars, or byjni^ prisonment hot exceeding twelve months^ or both by-ftuebflnc- and imprisontnenft* ^ It sJuiU bo the dutjMTf^tho^fea^ ger, to tSkqthereaponsibnity of applying such additionid^easures as may ed indispens^^ foe tiic prolèatian of tb» publifc health. ^ I'BSr^ny person aggrieved^by any^' _ cisión tr directionof the he?iltb officer may appeal tiicrcfromr to the commjssteiíewí^f __ quaraTitlné", who.shall conatitnte .».boittf. of appeal^^-thgllaiid b_aard sballvhave pow-ertro affirmT^^TCverse or inodify the^ecM ionj order-or direction appealed iroHM the decision of the said board tbere<Miwall be final. to thc-bMuá^ must be made by serving/tipon the beal^ officer aw rittennoti^fsncb appejal wiAt* in-twélv¿.hours.(^^íiya excepted)^ «tflMír-the ,appellantT^i»^ notice;« decision ordirection complained of, SHih; Irrt weT^^otímWte^ le» céi ve^^cb notice (Sundays excépted^^ie sh^ltmake a return in writing; >the facts on-which his order, d«ciidQau4C- wbich shall be a Hen on sucb vessel or merchandise; in the case of passengers; however, for whom expenses shall haye been incui^red under qnarantiner the master of the vesseVin which such passengers arrivied, may recover from them the am- count- and until allsticb expenses bep^id to the cominiVsioners, tbb vespiel, cargo jand Jitbei-proper^y shall be "i^eld in <ja •antine. " ■ direction was founded, to the pnaidiíifáí the board of cottimiasioners of qaariwdpt» who shall immediately call a ineetl^H the boaH of appeal; and said ip^eiS iM be beard and^ecided within t#mj<IWMl hours thercaftei' (Snndaya esoeplfd) cisión 'or direction compIainM it refer to the detention á ¿argo or pátwengera-1 ^ suspended. " « ^iis^f ;