Allegany County Republican

January 13, 1863

Issue date: Tuesday, January 13, 1863
Pages available: 4
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About Allegany County Republican
  • Publication name: Allegany County Republican
  • Location: Allegany, New York
  • Pages available: 4
  • Years available: 1863 - 1886
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Pages 1 - 4 of the Allegany County Republican January 13, 1863.

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Allegany County Republican (Newspaper) - January 13, 1863, Allegany, New York -S.» ' TBllMSr-^bae dollar and tinjr ^ tffo doUara,ifithia the H'wr, oV'two dollMtriini fl^y: jaofiatrWfeod.of theyear." J , . No paper di'sc'ontlaucdl wtll al| arrcMsge^^re '> A^f e|t!a#Bif nts ^ All Letters addreeecd to the Editor must come post-paid? <♦ Iwttf atteiitioi. "TÎÏ^WORLD IS GOVERÎÎËD TOO MUCH" eweu)t«d Wth-Ncatttcji andBispaicbFîrè Iirsn rarree îi VOL. ICXUt-^KO 29 : Î ANUELfGA, ALlrKGik^V UÜ; rWHOLE NO. fiORNELLSVlLLE AGENCY. , Compaq/, . IIAKTFOIII^ CONNEaTlCUT. iTiif^orafed Iß h^'CajJitai tt ,500,000. « Ì r ; — Hi^HTFOKD INSURANCE COMPANY, PHflBNIX INSURANCE COMPANY, _ ___ . —]^it£ttrd»..CDnaecUciit. ^ ^^ ^'^^o^^Sraied l854-~Gipital, S400.000, CIT^ ijFRE INSURANCE COMPANY, MANHATfA^' FliBiks. COiiPANY, - T CiTY/ /ncorjp^afcrf ta21f^Cfp'ial $200,000. HOaTft AMERfOAN iSsURANCE CmtPANY, . .Hartlord,Coanecticut--Uapital ¿300.000. 'ti^iV'tesfOLAND"iNisciiANcECOMPANY, ~ - dHttrlf«>rd»Conncctipat«-Cat»Hql^2«0fl00 -- -Iiui^r^p^e can bi; ¡effict^d %vUli ihq subEcriber !la tho^ikbove old eataWlshed Stock Gompaniep. on DwoiUiigR, Stores, (Jbiirches; Facthrics, Personal Prolpi!rty,'4:c;,- on lerms'aa farorablo as olhcr re-Bpo«4lble> »nstiluMCiis.! Any commanicaUons,cd'> ,dreB8e± to'him at HoimilhviUe will 9icet with^piM^eatioa. . j.-^-mLER. Agent. •B!iircli-8;(i862~pdly '; . , JH. P. KU>YI>, ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW, ' jingeitcctr^^^ffff^^^ Coxmly^N. y., Will 'attend to nil Itiissincpfl entrusted to his core with promptnciennd Hdellly. iipticlftV ftltenlloh given to tliB collecuou ol Claims for PeiiFionR uadiHounfy-Lands. Ik05 AiNii l'X. it GR8':E1\\ attorneys & CiiU.SShLLOKd AT l-AVV, ■ yAngeltci. Allegany County. A. 1'., WiJlntten»! to allb sim!.«sintt «sled to their charge, with promptne8S'aDd..dispatch. J. B OKKKV.] [w. ASQEU Ofllce—Front roomrovor Thomas'Store SURGEONS M CHANICAL • ' ' u ' -—^—^ »ërmânèntîy X^ Careitiit Tí lendsbipf^YT dentist. "aSj^S^^: Dental RoiniB,over the __ ^ Store ot IS. N lienneit vYSJSHÈmnmssa^^^.-j^, & Co.—in Smith 1 avln' Now 1 locI<- \n>tild in funn lhiJ l^ublvnliai hi-is Itisi-mitji VVhoJt'i oi- Pavtial Setts of ARTIFICI AL THLTII on tb- nc« Vulcanite Rubber liuB«. wiib Atmof^pbi'ric Pres-Bure. ^¡Sr* I'articiiliir attention paid to Natural Teo'b. Plenseoall-iiud-iiXiiniiiJeiwuik^ Dated Aiifielica.-Dcc. 10, I8(JI. 1273lf EXCÍÍ..NGE HOTEL, ANGELICA. rpHIS old and well known lloiet has been Iv. ctd X for a term ol yeaii» by the Kiibi^cribi r, and ' ucwly inr'nislied. The proprietor botn » by ¡^tnct ^ fttWíttion-íí) hiäi^b .Fim^Ea lû ouiiit.a-fhivri'jE>1'piib-Uo pàtroiiag'î ' - W. üítUNSuN^ Anir.-liciv. f eb. 11. 1802. I'^r-i ÖLI^TOr? HOTEL, Ko 28 EXCÜ.Í.NGÍ': sr.. il()Cil!>TCK, N. Y. IS \ AC All LICY & ( (>., tJ|or'r<i. TIÍISMouse has j(»st been complete^ly repaired u(id newly luniisbe»!. Gas lias alsovbeen in-trodnced Into all the principal llooms-nliogether in>(kiii<^ it as complete In all its" appointmontu us any Hoiisf; In \V< stern Sew Votk. Prices rednced to Si per day—meals /> cents. Rochester, S pt. 4. 8(i0. 09 Charles Hotel« ''I^IIE'subscriber biivinj? resumed tlie diarfc of tht; above Hotel, itilnrins (be pulilic in gencv-a1 and hifr ol f cn^tomers in psrticnlar. f iutf J»*- % ill end''tiVor to make3hiyn_ ají..5ím>lor!abk'. and nsv "mlicHTarniniti aa ¡ju _oblefctimeH_. and pv _miHiK tbat their wa"ts and comfort will be cui?d lor with much Holicitudo. Special attention wU be jriveii to pleasure and wedding pc.rtieH._£or^3vlMi iliii» IIotT-i huH been K'i lii'n'iu"- !'ric<.s wjl Jic made to corrosuond with these bard timep. • ANl>Ui;\V ClABLES In irontBf tho Pa^k. April ,«(,;. 43tf I'LL AmETrTHEEiN THE"HALiiS-0P MIRTH. BY FINLEY JOHNSON. I'll meftthee in the halls of,mirth, Amidst the gaj' and fair^ " : And smiles thut on my lips shall play,^ Shall be the brighter there;_ L'U meet thee with a laughing eye^ -^ That nfme may erer know Tha^ buried my Buuny-smiles -Lie wretchedness and wo. pn thee with a glance as brighjt As that which decks thy 6w«, iUid though my heart-is agnoized,- . ri], speak in pleasure?« tone; , And thou shall seek in vain to see, Through all thy woman's wiles, The iron entering in tny soul, • Gflt ,o'er with mirthful smiles. -I'lhneet4,hee,4hon, in the halls of mirtl), Amidst the fair and gay. I, too, will join the merry dance, As gleesomely as they. I, top, will gi ve thee glance for glance, And with deceptive art I'll hide the burning agony That preys upon my heart. Frda the Ilo&ton;Journal. A ROMANTIC NARRATIVE. We have rqceived from Key West a copjr of the iteyWest iVeii? of Nov." contttiniiig a highlyjnteresting account of seven months experience in Rebeldom by two Ohio soldiers, who formed part of an expedition sent out by the lamented General Mitcliell, in April last, i>nA luizardou.s mission^ which unfortunately failed. The men arrived at Key West from Apalachi-cola bay in steamboat Stars and Stripes, and gave their name as Mark Wood and Alfrtid Wilson, uf the 2l8t Ohio Regiment, cnmmanded by Col. Morton. They state that in April last, their Rcgitnent formed; a part of Mnj«.»r General Mitchel's division, Gqnetal GilUs brigade, then stationed; "at Shiil'byvijle, Tenu. While there asecreX expedition for dangerous service was or-gjinizcd and placed under the orders-of a man supposed to be a spy of the eomman-der of the division Twenty-two men, whose names are given, were detailed for the service. The whole party were dis--guised in citizen's dress, and left Shelby-ville on the 7th of April. They proceeded to Mi'indiester, Tennnessee. where they represented themselves as Kentiickians on their wtty to Chattxnooga to join -the rebel army. In this manner they made their way across the Cumberland Mouu;-tains to,obtaining subsistance from scccsHionists. From that point tbey v.rnl to Marietta, Oa , in the carsr The^ next morning they returned on the same road to a place called Big Shanty, where %>cu' fiicainped 20,000 Rebel troops. At this point thoir. real service begun, and wo quote from the narative. The train contained a number of soldiers as well as citizony, together with a qiuintity of provisions, and an iron safe containing a large amount of Confederate s;crip to pay the troops, at Corintl), Mississippi; and hero it was that we kttew the dut^l^vve wove expected to do, viz; des--truy liic. tLUck and- bnjdgLes__oji_the line of Âtrthe^TBt station this occ«vredv-lhep_-Weatii\?ed iii.8afety_a)t Madison, wherp engineer of the road made hiu ^ appeav-anco and was about to step on the engine ■when Andrews told him hecquld not comts on board, as this was an extra train to run through to Corinth, and thé present party were engaged to take it there, and in support of the assertion the iron safe was BÎiown~' This âpparently satîstîêd thc-cn- "ginecr,'hhd we töök in wood: and"^^^ water; and' agam'stârïe^d. A second time we were compelled to ^witch-offri»nd-in order-to-get-tho-«witch keys, Andrews, who knew the road well into the station and took thcm frtïtn the officer -This caused çonsi^eraHe _ ex-; citement, but we quieted it in a measure by stating that the train contained gunpowder for Beauregard at Corinth, and soon after we again started. About twen-tj^-miles soiith of Dalton, Ga, we came to a bridge," and hVi^ we set fire to :one"^f after being kept in Confinement three days, we were informed that we were again to be taken to Cl^ttanooga, as the Yankees did not intend to t^ikc that place., Accordingly we were again taken back to that' place^ where the whole party,lwenty^two in number, were lihained with heavy irons» and "Confined—in a dark dungeon thirteen feet sqtmre, ^tid for iiix wecfci-wereTedijn ----half-fare of the most miserable quality. the roaJ, and thus present rcnifofcements and cominissa:y stores from reaching Virginia; Teimcsse and-Georgia. General Mitchell had already cut oiY communication from Corinth, by holding Huntpville, tO <k>itl'<>y the one our cars, piled on' wood; aiid left H on the bridge, designing to set it on fire also. Atthir tinie the engineer at the Rome Branch supected that all was not . right, and started up ,the track, and,, we suppose found the rails torn up, and intmediately returned to the jíinction and took on board a quantity of loose rails, and followed after us. Where we had torn up the rails he immediately laid one, and without fastening it, started over and gave chase. Soon he came to the bridge-with the burning car, which had not yet caught the bridge. In the mean time we, had switched off to let an express pass, whiclr train was duly informed of our carácter by discovering the track torn up and stopped, but was soon joined by the Rome engineer, who had succeeded in turning 'the burning car oft the bridge; they then^ both started for us; laying the track as they went along, which they could dO in a much shorter time than we could tear it up. Thtis it was that thev^ overtook- ufr at work, ,and as soon as we foünd ourselves discovered, speed was our hope, and at it fuel was nearly out^, and it was then determined to leave oui\engine and rake to the woods; acfiordingly we stopped and reversed her, intending to run back on our pursuers,^but in this we failed, as she had not snffiti'ient steam to turn her over and our object had failed from a combination of unfortunate circumstances. /Ten minutes more would have set the bridge on fire and the Rome engineer w/'ith the rails could not have followed us, and the down express was entirely nseless; it was our intention to have destroyed all the bridges, run into Chatanooga, wait until the evening train pas.sed, and then go on t<r-Bridgeport, desti-oy- the bridge .over the Tennessee, river, and then away for BTunts-ville and join Gen. Mitcjiell. Onr uoubles iiuvv eoiirrnenccd, and the greatest of all our diisasters was the division of our patty; 'twas now every man for himself. We started for the Tennessee river, but being entirely unacquainted with the country, mistook our way, and after being hunted through the woods and twice fired at, made onr escape. Our travels from this tinte were a succession of hardships and difficulties. - We crossed the mountains, made the Tennessee river, ^vTrere \Wfoñnx3-a-smírH~b<yat,- w.ith- which we made onr way down tl e river to Stephenson, Ala. Here we found the entire ¡ebel fuice in a complete state nf confusion, occasioned as wo learned by a visit from our cavalry, which had made a dash "DA Y & irOßlNSCN, D"ALEBS IN WINES, AND EORUGN & 1 OWESTIC C^ 1-S^Q 'No. 26 ÁurtjTd trcet, Y^ AVill till all orileis wub-promptuess. undWward a t. -j ' pure urtici«, at tb" lowest, possible ligire. They ^s tlic Tennessee river at Bridgeport, truck and bridges froin Big Shanty to and beyond Chatanooga, or as far as Bridgeport, Tennessee. It must be recollected that tliis portion of the road is buijt. o\:er innumerable creeks and riveis, and cross- have facilities in the ti'ude that enables lîiem to „compete- Kiicce^H»'!^-hfavt-st New ' YorlTistabii^hment—and wariani aTfTrucles to give fiatisiftction or no sale.. Give usò try.— • Ithaca, April 22. Alley,PX^ ■ Physician rond Surgeon ; will heivattei- átend to "Mcdiciil'business. All who desire to see bini I^roíessioaally or otherwise; can do fo bj; calling at his residence, or at his office, oier the Bank. , . ^^ ' AnsnMica. February IStji, 1809. We weio strij^ped of iill in our.pockets, and-left-witluintOuCeilt.--.. Again Aheilourt Martial was ordered, but this time at Kn(»?ville, and twelve our party were taken there ^and - confined in large iron cages^ The'* cotift-ibund seven of them guilty of being spies and lurkiirs around the camps. Oin- forces at that time advanced upon Cumberland Gap^and Knoxville was threat ened, and in order that we might be aâiely kept; the" whole piirty, including thc^tetj-at; Chattanooga, weio sent to Atlanta, Ga.— Previous to leaving Chattanooga^ Andrews' sentence was read to him, which was that he was to be hung in six days. It was then deterniioed to attempt an escape by cutting tfiTOugh the; jail,I which was accomplished in one night, and just at day-break Andrfcws twisted his blanket Into the form of a rope, and succeded in reaching thé fence. John Whollam nex.t followed, but was discovered. Andrews, in attempting to climb the fenco, was also seen and fired upon by the guard, but suc-sceeded in gettitig over. Whollam also made a dash and cleared the fence; both then took the river, and for the time escaped. ■ . . -.i.: , Three days after Andrews was captured and brought back, and seveinJays-elapsed^^ before poor Whollam was found. He had traveled eighty miles down the river, and was twice within hail of the Union gunboats, but was afraid to make himseU known?- As-soon 08 those two ii(id been brought back, Andrews was chained,hands and feet, and the irons Viveted on, the jshackela being of immense weight,_an_d. sufficient to have held an qx. On the 1th of June, Andrews was taken from jail and hungj or rather strangled to death, for the tree on which they hung him, was so low that when his head touched the limb, his toca touched the grofs,id,-and it was necessary to dig the sand away in order that he could be choked. His irons were still ori him. After ' remaining in jail about seven days,, the Provost Marshal came to otir cell and took out the seven that were tried at Knoxville, viz: Wilson, Robs and P. G. Snaderick, of thé'2d Ohioj Slaven and Robinson, 33d Ohio; John Scott, 21st Ohio, and W. Campbell, citizen of Louisville, Ry. These-wereioftenTiro.m the cell into an adjoining room, and the sentence of dcàth was read to thnm, and permisi^Fnn: refused them to return to their comrades before execution, which took place in half an hour after leaving us They were hung THfí FATAL mil ORJfHE MÜRÜER-" ER'STESf. " ' " under all sortp of circumstances» from the-higliest triumph of success to tl«» deepening despair of failure. I first tried my luck at digging gold-/ but" sonn tired of that, and believing thatL~could make money faster and with less labor, I opened <a kind of grocery and provision store ,I was fond of the science of phyaiog» omy. From my youth up, I 'ivas noted for my,proclivity for reading the charac: ter of a man froin his lace; and X finally bciCame such^an adept in the _art, that I could occasionally guess the -very-thoughts of tjie individual whose Soimtancejl- was studyTngr ~ ! : ; ~ wentto-Calitornia^Jind there-1 must con---it_was.that_ihis manias I could, _sep by: fess, aTriong whatelsR there was to'inters i s^- r— rest me, I hud a grand opportunity for eX' iaJL.1,,1 'iJUJ,,, ,,i........... LI!, , . nameless fear came ojfcr me—-a strange [«'^fí-'í»"» thrill passed thrññ^i ni(/Tîlîê~îin~îÏÏêet(ic shock—I fylt an electric shudder of dread. No w<)îider,I had not beeja able to read him before; the man had been wearing an impenetntble maitk, 1 now had the key to tpo mystery to him, and I used it.. 'Ho was interested in superstitions—was snperstitiiuis himself V^lhy ? Goud_itien_Oiay ' be iiuperstitioua-^ bad"nien~6lways"arc,-becau3c -they - caVry Mnììét^tìèé / sadfiottlQiiteDtiar«auMt«^«trtbc «a Tus éye, 'añd I luade" hisF-~ fancies work upon tïim. I told him stories of sorcery, ~erciBinginynökillTipöTiTdt-8mfs~üi'~l'äe "WÎtrhTiTaftrTiTîTHTragiTr— gobblins and devils—till he became pale with fear, breathed with iJijmpresscd lips, and'trembled in spite of his great nerve and skill.' - ----------- - If good men, as I have said, are sometimes soperstitious, why, you ask,, did I think thismatj Hupejstitious also?, larst, and went regularly,into the business of^I^ ' answerj because Î had accidentally trade, buying most of my articles in Sac-4-amentivgetiin^hcin,hauled ters, and disposing uf them at a fair, ad-v'ance" to the miners and others. ~ • My store, as I dignified my place of trade, consisted of a. rude skeleton oi poles, with a sufficiency of cheap muslm drawn over them and pinned down to the earth, and was stocked onl5 with the most saleable articles, ot which flour, Pork and whisky, found the most-ready market especially whisky. In the dry season it was very dusty^ and everybody seemed to be dry with thirst which mere water could not queni'h. If a _ mart- waa successful, he wanted whisky to-bring bis body up to an altitude with his spirits;, if unauccessful, he wanted whisky to bring his spirits up to an a'tittide of his body ; if it chanced to be a little cool,' he wanted whisky to warm him; if it was; very hot, he \>?anted whisky to cool him; he needed whisky in the uiorning to make him bright and active;|he nesded whisky at night to make him sleep well; he wan=» ted It when he bought, ¡and when he sold, wheirhe won, and wheu he lost, when, he stood up, and wlien.sat down; in short, whisky was the gre;U regulator of all human leelings—the genuine, elixir vitoe— and, consequently, 1 did an immenso buair ness in whisky.,■ : i Now this, though somewhat irrelevant, brings me to my story. My store beujg the headquarters of that locality for whisky and provisions, 1 was bnrutrht in- contaet-witt^nearly every-¡specimen uf the^^Sfenus homo that yentur-:ed into that region; and such t nother con^ glomeration ot white, black and red—i' sucli another mixture of gentlemen, .laborers^ inountaineers,; gamblers, thieves "and assassins-r-it would be" hard tp find outside the limits ofCalifornia. Of course I had a chance to study all sorts of-faces to niy—heavt's content,., but -having, as I have said; become an ivdept in the art, an ordinary countenance, or a man governed by ordinary passions, whether gentle or brutish did not interest me, I wiih-' ted to get hold of what is termed a character—or one whose external to any but y^iHtnuoifisieur-^or one,that would really puzzel you to tell what to think of him. ' Among the ujany, such a one I at length louiïd. At first I did not notice irim: . At-» casuufegittnce.there was nothr^ ing to distinguish him from the herd. Ee cuijijj _in.qiiLetIy, -unobtrusively, purchased a quaiiUty oi pork, Hour, and le i, paid for thc.same in gold^ dust-andwent-about-his business. Ho repeatcd his visits at diflerent intervals, perhaps. some half with cotton ropes, and two of the ^party ^.^^en times before lie attracted my alten-, , j , , , ,, , ' V to anvthing peculiar in br6ke down, and were allowed to livti - " ■ about an hour, and sec them put their comviides in coiSns, after which they were; again hung up; and their lifeless bodies. passed^ onr window in about half an hour. niiï I 1 ; - \ . , ^ figure, of dark c'oñrplexíou, regular The balance of the partjrcxpcctcch from .^jth dark; SiáifhtTíáirr ddrki. eyës -day tfr day 't<t-be taken-tiufe-önd=hang,-bnt-=and-a-'beiaTd tiiatcuYei\;d-the-lmver -part - ttictinin Xi. N.licrtchkiii, . DfîÀ,l.tïlt Ift .„ Brandies Wines, ©in- Ciff^:». &c., Í0. I3Í¿ Mt. Hope Avenue, and Ko. iWeki AlPx-. •ander Street, Ruchcfiter.N. Y. i mb - I „ , , M^eUical ^ütice. [ Dr. E. M AlbA.^a.'^ return d homo and kill be - . Y if Ady hoiy« »Iii« .-pj:oItó6Í<Sfl,l£cr« ; " 'vîçei.' " ■ ' .r Febr^jary-l5t,-1859..' . . _ \ - where a fine bridge is erected. ' As before stated,-Dur whole- party, - consisting of twenty-tAvo, left the cars, and devilled into squads of three aiid four, taking stations on each side of the train, Andrews stationing himself at the coupling pin of the third dir. . (Itmust here be stated that a number of unr party^ere- engineers, and,, thoroughly understood the business we had on hand. ) One of our engineers was at his post, and found everything all right. . All hands now mounted life cais, although , the guard tha, word, tlïè^côupïïng watoh maller and Jeweler, and dealer in sible, ------ - .. • ' j|4öne was withrn three feet of themi was ^iven,- Andrews drew pm, and crWall right.^ The tram,'now consisting of three cars and the engine 1 WAS-Started r;ff withi ^-little noise as_p_es_ into the town, capturing;a few prisoners, and left that morning. We had succeeded in passing through the town safely, when we suddenly came upon a force of rebel cavalry commanded by Col. Stephensim, who took us prisoners, just fourteen days after leaving the balan^G -if4 our part^v We were immedU rccognized as belonging to .\ndrew's partyj, and after being ct)nfined one night in Stephenson, we were tlaken on the cars to Chattanooga and confined in jail, where wo found the whole party. It was endeavored ta make us give the name (if the engineer, as they had a terrible fate in wait for him, but not one of the party woiild diviijge hi« name. A Court Martial was ordered for tRe^triiftl of Andrews, and Pittcnger of the 2d Otiio, was taken out as a witness, and by alternate offers orpaidsn cndeav-oriid to make him. ^t^^M^y Andrews, but hfc was true to hfs word and companiims, and_tha court could get no-Andrews^hlf Filtenger ol Clodra,-WatchcBi and Jewelry, ücpairin» oa^orfcfiatico and rcasosoblo* termst 4 Angelica, ISIov3 oo3.. 85(Jtf P, M. Fish, SlacIamltii-»<iaHlie corner of Main aná Olcfcst., -^^te-JUthbans^-Hotet tt'hcctt aliJti« ? oí Waoksnïithing will be doneonthu shortest n fcice. aadfflaost rea-soaablo tcrms--and Horse am Shooiogp Itt a çopoflpr manner^i, 4i.IiSQj m^nuiacturer-Qf CarrlageB.Buftgiea.Wa Ox - couti^ of tbe á^^tnd-fépalfltigjlQne on ehort aoUce-^ ' " Blwtemi ' Ith Shop oa Olean utreet., Í5JÍ, .Bötf --™- «SHIIU«! Ofd«|i»^ [ r« köfiM-dottlile waeooreoOTtefitlyia 1«, irill do lA^ iioaf of ftèjii^i« We soon lost sight of the lights at Big Shanty, and at-the first curve the train was stopped and one of the party (John Scott) climbed ther telegraph pole- and cut "the wires; we then-started, and the next forces,^apd-for safe kee point; at a town, name unknown, wo tore UP the track and took a rail with us on were not disturbed-in their niiserable ex^ istence. for four months..^ In October last, being informed that they were to bii tried by court martial, and expecting no mercy, they on the evening of . the 15th rushed upon the jailor when.hciïrougiit up their supper, deprived him of his keys, released four other prisoners, and in a body fell ^on the guard and disarmed-them. They -Iheii scaled the fence and maitie f^r the woods, about a piile distant. The guard pursued, flring, and the party scattered. every man for himself; excepr Wood, and Wilson,who kept together and made their escape. How many were shot and>etaken they do not know. Capt. iVy,_onejDf the pnrty,"sfaggerc"d and fell, atter being repeatedly shot-at, auiVwas probably ¿illed. After being 22 days in the woods, Wilson and his comrade reached the Chattahoochee river, and tj^iere found a boat, in which they got to. Columbus, Ga., subsisting on cat-fish ani berries on the way. They^id not venture in the city» but-started for the Gulfcoast.and after eleven days of'^uTfering and liardstiTp«; reached Apalaebiöla^' -sad |jmo in seven months, beheld the ^ag of the his uppcsar' ance, and then 1 should have been at a loss to say. what I saw more in him at last than at iirst. He was apparently about twenty-live vears of age, medium height and slender ' ~ ' feat- .. . - ........... slightly but on it weht, and ¿amé neaíe^ er to the inan, for whom it was Intende^. ■ 1 ,coül(|i'-8Ciß 'that/'h^wäs his very ifmbst were getting white. \ It" if y ów jftrarTiow,''^! said,:>^ 7 couldanly arise from- the-setf-convicted|wAít thrown him off his guard and read hifi soul; and secondly, ■ because ho -ww naturally nervousl and - credulous.,- _EUar" knowledge of-a vast wicked deed. man was' even then\a criminal But let me hasten along to the denOue* ment. ' ^ It chanced that no other person was present when this conversation occurred about the superstitious fancies of men, and as ¿oon ,a3 wo wero interrupted by the entrance' of another customer, my dark visiter left-somewhat abruptly After that tyi did not come as often as hd did before, and never renewed the cfmversa-tion that had so agitatedJiim, nnd nt vermin fact, entered into any othei that ho could possibly avoid. 1 kept my thoughts to myself, but made some casual inqutrieei about him, and learned that he had been so fortunate as to secure a capital "lead/' from which, with his partner, ano.thei; young man, he was taking out gold iu quantities thfit promised to enrich both, arid that both had the go6d will aud cs- techi ol-a.U-whu knew them-----— _ One dark night,^ about"threeTTJr-fqnr weeks after this, I was startled from my sleep by wild, prolonged shrieks, and cries of "Mniderl murder! holpl-helpl" I jumped up, seized my revolfer, and darted out into the open air. . The cries and screams still continued, coming,from a bund of the river about u bundled q>ds below. ' In a minute I was joined by five ■ . - _ ___,___,, __ others, allAvell art«ed7-and=togetlie^^4^eizEd, almostiorn_fmnnmib_ioJim5,.m^^ run as hard as we could to the place from which tho alarni pr()ce,eded. When we arrived there, at least' thirty men were collected in and around the tent of the dark nian I have b«nMrdeHmbing,.^'ind" he" himself it was. who had sounded the alai rn. His partner and companion- hud been"mûrirëi'êd ■ lind:robbed,: and-fae him=^ self had been slightly cut across the f.tce and gashed on the left arm, and he was all excitement, lamenting his dearest friend, and vowiiig vengean,c(vagainst the assassin. .....ît was Home time bofopi he could'gct at the particulars, and then we learn<;d that both had b<?cu sleeping side by side, vyhen an unknown robber had crawled un- der the light canvas, stabbed one to the hoart, and taken a large bag nf gold from under his head Witjì this he v/as escap-ing^vthen the present seized" him, sxnd recciVGd-the-wounds which had compelled him to relinquish his htdd. I ighis were brought, and ihure, sure '-eTiTTugh, was"tho;bl rj. jdy-cf»nfi rm atiou of-al I that had been related. ~ rShairTnake no attempt to portray the intense excitement, the wild rage and con- "A^lufge rewärdVwas oti'erett fu'r his de- of his face—in- all of- which there was nothing remarkable—nothing striking. He wa]r^iiict=^not-talkatiyc=^hutt--iitH ing to say except aboüt the' 'business hé came ou—got.what he wanted when'I was disengaged, "paid for what he Hké a gèuiTiìiiiau - and \gWinally^I'StTTCd with an ordinary "Good day7'~or some sinrilar civility. And ^t, us,I havo said, he beguii to attract iny^, attention at last, audi begiin to.wonder why. ( Was_it because lie \vuB S().quiet, reserv'ed and gentlemanly, and did not purclmse whisky like the rest, and occasi<mally! get excited and boisterousL - A.t aH.oyent8,_-he.>ail- bo- sternation, which this daring muVder oçca-si(mcd. Every man felt that if the assassin escaped without his just punishment, there would no longer be ôecurity for any one in our hitherto quietjand peacefttLval-ley, and «olemu oaths' were taken t«> liang , „ the wretchf if found, upon the neai-e.'jt - VP V been seen about thpre, lyas more or less suspected, and I believe that hud any man h'|iíDüirnTrtr-ted-on the following- day,-he^ would'have been Hung 'hii'st: and tried af-. terwards, I said less than any, for 1 had got niy own suspicions, and inconttived my plot in secret, and mUdO u'COnlidaut cf no tted.- any I have nieirtioneïl. Thî» so fair to the view, contains tlie rtit secret. Let him but, tíiike it m hi« -and the fraiLshell willcrumblc to p'ntCm^, 1' and show to all that it is filled wilb blood ol his victim. You will excttte Íéh», , geiiTrtWen/forpiilting^yrm TdHoJtl^ \ye do not know each other's secre^ijrihiiJx-: iñ ñ rdet íjf-tltcV«ui:'g "män- we bmic^ ye»- J^daymiïylîP »mong .«»r^?^ .oMi^-Ôt'-s^,-.^: guilîy need fear the trial—the ìnnoòe^ will snreV fBms-.t^.e ôrffeàTunîiûrmëé.;"J"^ Aa I said this, I fixed fny gazo opon ^ saw a more wretched countenance, noyn ^ greater struggle in any living being t®^ keep a calm; unmoved exterior. ' ' ,. The egg began its ronnd, So^ ? it gravely, MmitF lightly^"^«urio^ tttriioirf ■ .*! T rr f ■^«wn-iiie tMitie!'^ he answered, With & _ attempt at a smile. "Why—why—shottKI I—I take it? Poor Wilson «m aay-i-Hirty 9 friend!". ' " , - "Let him prove so now," I said,. eyes are upon you. Take the ordeal «ciil"" by Heaven, and prore .your initdcencei—... ifyoncanf".....-- He hurriedly g^lunced uroand. All : wore indeed upon him^, and with lookif of awakened saspicioo, he nmk» «¿ne . rate effort to be'calm-^-then'sefeetf dicfli"--tal egg withtrehiljling' hands. -' Thu ue.\i moment it was cmsliei. W ■ atoms, and his hand« were wet aud aUioed T as if with human gore. ' ,, A wild yell burst from the crowd. A despairing shriek came from tW of the guilty wretch; and f<iilin9 .railier; than sinking down upon his kn^t^ Jtn -cried out— God of mercy, forgive mel I did WU -hfmf I (fid.killjiun! for Kia gpoldl for hi« _ goldl-lHt^ g-vldl—Ol»r-«ttr9ed--goldl- -God of Heaven forgive raeP' "And how many before kiflal" 1 d»- , manifcd. ' - . "Three! thiee! Oh, Odii of mt?rcy Ibii.;* give me." ^ ' " Tliere was another wild yell, or niter-': u huijirl -of fury—a rush likejhe W(^V4NI oa j their prey—and^ the poor wretch WM , dragged furiously away... In less than ten minutes fmtnbiseoiK fession, he was dangling from a neigkbor*-« ing tree, swinging by his neck. So died the-mtmiererr-whose-»»me Ï have suppressed, because he has ' ble friends who ure still living. • I-w-ill 4Hily--iidd-4iiat4»4i€A iiifp-Wia gttlk^-ty^JL Jiad-pfcvionsly prepared. putting red coloring mtitter in it, expect*- • ing t<» sec him it, through hia super« stitious fears of a supernatural discove^;'« They promised me the reward fw^lM^^ : tection of the mnnlerer—but thin I ; dined. Justice was all I had sought, atod -this I had obtained. KNOWLEDGE FOR THE MîUIOîi. ---• Fust class in gineral informatottiwit-: -up. ' iiow their,'atliffi iic^d,-wiatirpoft-"^ ' ticsf''^ ------------- - "The. art of making mpaey witho«! work."____ _JL- ' "WTiat df»e8 iflatci^ tnSkea fii^rcIiiMr • politician?"' "A cripper-fastened atnmmic, » ignm^.. imraijico uf truth, a fondness for badjriri»kr key, a Uital luck uf honesty, »nd,» isgia rubW conscience - ■. . - "Good. Next. What politic«! priad« pleS are pupular with politiciaJM?^ "Them priuciptes-^H faaBtIic^ngg<Mftlift> -ìftiii»iiri rnmimi ^jprioeMi. «-^wrUl Í - ' Ì5 C«Bt«^ 'ipjirÄ f . What ig the duty of mnjt^otóytìttrìf r. ____Ti) stca), ï»nd con- rSnaírfítuW "Next. What is New York?" ^ "L» the omntry paper* iVs Sodom, wltlL* the subífVba-íif .tlue^ papers it's a collection of mtid, sal^ dlers, hotels, railroads, show ÂôpaT, Funk^ttUCiioiii. ân'd-»ccîdent^ gClKXÚÍx^-- " thing oiit of him; were.llien sent back to us in jail, and wo expectec nothing less than the whole party would be h^g. At this time, abont-May, \vijst,' whenc^ they propose to start folc tOth, -Chattanooga w,a^3 thrca^nedjby our' fjee, floating from, the U._S^Sl£.amer Soffi-feTBct, rm of w4iieii they-were tafcen,-and treated with-the utmost-kindness.— Fri)m that vef^sel they were tmnsferred to the Star.s and; Str?pe«, and taken to Key the cars; and thus we_continued tearing up the track end cutting the wirea eir other aìdbraftér passing ä town,' ünfort- the-lrain was rùppingâtayety^owôcîiednlfi, and we weto to nwitch «ff iná- îst'Ilm dòwti traÍBL pafls ïSa we wero run ment - off to Madison, Ga. . At Mariette, the cars we're stopped by :a mob, wlio threatened - to-drag—«s from Ihe cara and li^g to a tree, but -thci 'öffitferw^'^imrgs^ thei^traîd JprßÄteiT them from carrying^itintö ç3feçntîo»»-by fHaecirigi-^rûôg Aroend -ibë' Waí^hington, len rU'ite to join their regi- x This narrat^VD^ is a Tom'antic one, and r^sts- mainly upon tho stfttementft of the two men; but-i^ corrdboraited in a measure by in ^ recent speecîr * . IVT-:- 1.1__.ì. * gun to interest me in^isoma way^ and.the iact, perhaps, that I could not tell how or' why, led me into closer scrutiny, deeper study of the man. Aí^er ^his--! prolonged _hia visits "as j long as 1 could withour causing him to suspect that I did so inteiitionally. , The thing-» he wanted^I; generally had some troúüle in getting, and filled iip the inter-vi^S by remarks abou^the weather, the country, the success cf .some, the failure of others—¿in a word, any*thii.g I ijould think of tt> induce conversatioi^ watching furtively all the while. He ant>wereí easily and readilyi and yet with that pe^' cullar kind td" rea^ve that was.-,, not sugH; gestivo and tendihg"towards familiarity! Hisi^i'eplres, how;'yer,~ evinced aanan of mind andjfcducation, and T began to' gir¿ him crc|dit foi^^being a tliinker-^prehaps a; practieataad-beííkh-drettuier,4{-l4uay-jUító;i a paradoxical term that' best - c^pryises my idea. One day, I scarcely know how,. I touchy ed upon tlie general superstition of maní kind, and to my surpri^, I saw at last that he was-intersested. - Hifr^'y^js -chanci ed cxpressioTi, and brightened, and-«mi one. The murdered young man was as decently buried as pmmnding circumstan ces w(mld ■ permit', -amLhis- companum,_iiiy superiititious friend^ grew, more. moody with grief, refused to work his '1ead""any more, and projMised selling cff"^ his stock and-toulspTipe-qnittiTrg^ the "cWnt f^^ "a! lih gether. I think he would have done it at once, only that I told him it would not 'How-is it governed?"" _: : lof)k well to leave without an effort to dis-Cover the murderer, as some'people might -be malicious enough to say he knew ifohie-thing~ of the" matter,-and uo-get l^mselfiui to trouble. He turned very_pale» a.nd_de-clared he would .stay a year if he thought by that means he could discover the assassin of his deal-, dear friend. _ On the second afternoon following the tragedy, almost every individual in_ the yjcinity, the friend of the murdered man among tlie rest, asscmbled-at tny-store, at my particular rcque-st.^—1-had tuhi thpm 1 lvad<^)metl^iug to cominimicuite cancerui»^ the foul deed, and I thought it not nnlilte' ly I should give then; some clue to ihe as-saifSfi»-« By the Albany lobby and county aiiw»V bers of the legislature?.' - " " — ^ "Who makes fhe ci^ ordinMCffli?", ; j "Them that is iheTust fcTbreak 'eñu^. úí^ w do'the i^nrts «ettlepoîni at^ff "By adjouniin' tliem a?er W tbi Meiii tèrm^^- ^'Hnw is the law adminMtei«d!^ -^Homœopàtbically,-iiftd4«ig tween eacli dos?." "What are the reqn>tcin*nts in regard, to^^alificiitiom «j iMf^É office." ^ A " -- needed qtfaliÄcatioiwfüf "Nest. Wbeiiwattilkitr fice?" "Whenhe'H Iríth trade. - Sometíq^ AiiMriteiftf. tnitbyprowrt^tUé «Édl I they!re Af««J^ <0 they. nev4»r iio14 ____ and evt^nlñiítlf gtf «Á ioir "And îhèii wliWr! - ^Why th»^ iítiMQtim \Vheniheyhad'cf;Hecïed;^^^^ themsel«!» as I -trad -dtJ€i;tcd, -ii)r^uyK.'ttH circte before" my door—eager,- expectant^ Cláa« djsñ««^;; B*lf 1: tlhì manleir^iâ^g i»-: eery t«^» t*tt4 «tì»»«».*'. Ä~wife, wiìowft lit ________ , . _ o-^^saáppareHUy open flowti t& the sou regiment," whoIjadíbeensent by (iencralfwhile.concealing -ao^muct, -^It wás'^off bandean ma speech on - tho -^s^ipci'stîiKïn^ofíl^ • . . / -..... which I contiiîided had thei^origin în níy«^^^ torious-fact&-revealcdfrom the ptlier teda strange and peculiar gleam] an^my the itinoceuL and the-'punishine,nt"of theinglon" etptìM^jr «ri^ attention being tlms directed to üis eye, Í gyiltj^ and among'other thm^, I nîen- Youknowni lÌitcbell,-tàrdeBtri>y a railroad, -but anfor-tunkt^ly liBglecte4-to cot tlie wires, and -•«»»ig-■ -i r^'. m _ badeón ^iiQwatagivêup^thoirà t6-^uafd-uo\f—the door wa^Teajly b^ - aaafesfed,«®»' tik^imdi Î ^Vii'iniat ' th« m ;